15 perfect plants (with and without flowers) to decorate patios and gardens

Resistant to the sun and overflowing with colour, we have found the outdoor plants that will change the concept of ”life in the cool.”

Pergola with bougainvillea in bloom and facade of the house in white.

Pergola with bougainvillea in bloom and facade of the house in white.

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One of our favorite summer plants is bougainvillea. The intensity of the colour of its pink or violet flowers, together with the fact that it is a climbing plant that loves the sun, make bougainvillea the perfect complement to porches and terraces. Of course, be very careful in winter, because they don’t tolerate frost!

Hydrangea in a decorative wicker pot.



Hydrangeas are probably one of the most grateful plants that exist. In addition to being very easy to grow – both in a pot and in the ground – they become a real visual spectacle when they bloom.

It is a plant that needs to live in the shade or in the semi-shade, never in full sun (but always with light), since this would end up yellowing its precious leaves. The keys to your care? Plant it in acidic soil, keep it always moist, and prune the flower beds that have withered.

Lavender in a decorative fiber pot.

Lavender in a decorative fiber pot.

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Its intoxicating aroma is able to relax even the most stressed mind, but the goodness of lavender goes beyond. This aromatic plant with flowers that oscillate between blue and violet, is ideal for sunny gardens and patios, since it feeds on the star king. As if that were not enough, in winter it also resists like no other, and it only needs to be watered a couple of times a week.

Detail of ivy in hanging planter.


Among the outdoor plants for terraces, patios and gardens, ivy can’t be missing. Ivy is a climbing plant that we usually find inhabiting the stone facades of country houses, it loves sunlight, but it also grows without problems in shaded environments. Did you know that, besides being beautiful for decorating the walls, it also absorbs moisture and enhances freshness? Take it into account during the summer!

Detail of climbing rosebush on rustic facade



Within the rose bushes there is a whole world of possibilities, but if you want to leave everyone with their mouths open, choose a climbing rose bush to give life to your yard or garden. You can use it to decorate a pergola or to cover part of the wall (they reach more than 2 meters in height). In addition, rose bushes are plants that bloom all year round, which means that you will have a dream garden 365 days a day. Does anyone give more?White pots with pink and lilac carnations



Besides having an extensive range of shapes and colours, carnations resist direct sunlight, so you can not worry and limit yourself to enjoying the explosion of joy (but remember to water them regularly during the summer).

Console detail with vase of margaritas and houses


The queen of wildflowers endures the sun’s rays like a champion, and on top of that, she barely needs care! Water it frequently without falling into excess, and use it as a background for your Instagram photos (it looks beautiful in bouquets with lavender flowers and eucalyptus leaves tied with a lamb or inside a handmade vase).



If you are looking for a plant that resists carts and carts throughout the year, that gets along well with the sun, and that delights you with its flowers permanently, choose a geranium. You have them in endless colors, and they are great if you don’t have a lot of hand with gardening. All you have to do is always keep them moist in the hottest months, and prune them when autumn arrives.

Porch under the wisteria with tables and chairs.

Porch under the glycine with tables and chairs.

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Like bougainvillaea, wisteria are also climbing plants that we usually find decorating porches and floral tunnels in gardens. It is not surprising, since the beauty of its mavalve-colored petals and its hanging clusters and their captivating aroma envelop those spaces where they reside with magic.

It grows better in sunny environments, but it also resists when frost arrives. As for watering, it is essential to keep it hydrated during the summer, and never let the soil dry completely.

Yellow and orange tulips.

Yellow and orange tulips.

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Instagram influencers made them fashionable, but tulips have been conquering gardens since time immemorial. This plant with brightly colored flowers such as yellow or red resists direct sun and semi-shade, requires drained and sandy soils, and must always be kept moist. Do you want to plant tulips at home? We explain it to you step by step.

Porch in the garden with wicker table and chairs next to a lemon tree.

There is a porch in the garden with a wicker table and chairs next to a lemon tree.

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Why don’t you dare with a tree? Lemon trees are cinematic in sunny patios and gardens, and since their roots are limited to the size of the pots, they will never grow too much. In addition, they hardly require maintenance! Learn how to plant a lemon tree step by step.

Gardenia with white flowers.

Gardenia with white flowers.




Do you love gardenias and the delicacy of their white flowers? You should know that the ideal temperature for them to be happy is 18o. They also need light to grow, but they can’t stand the excess of heat or cold. Yes, they seem a bit complicated to carry, but we assure you that they are worth it! As for irrigation, you will have to keep them moist by making sure they do not get waterlogged.

Petunia with red flowers.

Petunia with red flowers.




Their nice trumpet-shaped flowers are fans of direct sunlight; they tolerate the heat and won’t ask you for much water. Of course, the drainage of the earth is essential for the petunias to grow well. Discover more care of petunias.

Heel and damajuana on a dresser.

Helecho and damajuana on a dresser.

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Not everything was going to be colourful flowers! Ferns, apart from being super easy to maintain and very resistant, are the ideal complement to any garden. In order for them to grow healthy, you must place them in areas with semi-shade, without direct sun. They also love moisture (without excessive watering, since these could rot their roots).15 perfect plants (with and without flowers) to decorate patios and gardens ? 

Flowery branch of jasmine.

Flowery branch of jasmine.

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With its beautiful white flowers, jasmine is one of the most desired plants in the decoration of terraces and gardens. There are climbers, but they can also be grown in pots, although they all require direct exposure to the sun.

In the hottest months, you will have to water it every two or three days, but when the cold comes, you will only have to do it when the soil dries.15 perfect plants (with and without flowers) to decorate patios and gardens ? 

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