Ac is blowing hot air

“Air Conditioning Doesn’t Cool  Causes and Solutions”

When an air conditioner doesn’t cool enough, it might not just be because it’s out of gas. There are other things that could be wrong.
Most people would choose this first, but it’s not the only choice.
In fact, the whole lack of gas thing has become a myth and a way for the smart ones to get money out of people.

It is one of the reasons why the air conditioner doesn’t work right, but most of the time it is because of something else. If the installation was done right, you shouldn’t lose gas unless there is a leak. Ac is blowing hot air

The following issues can cause an air conditioner to not blow cold:
Why car air conditioners don’t cool.

Control or thermostat miscon figured

Many people don’t know how to adjust the operating mode, therefore they start their air conditioner incorrectly.

Most problems with air conditioners are caused by the remote not being set up correctly, which happens a lot.

If you can’t set up your remote, reset it to factory settings.

After this, continue with the next tips.

Air conditioning must be set to snowflake or cool (snowflake or cool).

It’s easy to mistake it for the dehumidifier mode, which looks like a drop of water.

After configured, we must be patient because most air conditioners require 3–10 minutes to cool or heat after we give the remote/thermostat the command.

How to put the air conditioner in cold may be of interest to you.But I have the controls set up right, and my air conditioner doesn’t cool at all. When I turn it on, it just blows air that is the same temperature as the room. Ac is blowing hot air

Don’t rush when turning on the machine.

When we turn on the equipment for the first time after stopping it, it takes some time for the compressor to start and start to throw cold.
This is usually between 3 and 10 minutes, sometimes even longer.

Many people touch the different buttons on the controller when it doesn’t start to cool. They do this because they think there’s something wrong with how it’s set up. All this does is stop the delay until they stop touching the controller.
That is, you have to put the equipment in cold (Cool), adjust the temperature and ventilation, and wait between 3 and 6 minutes.
Do not despair and be patient.

If, after waiting a few minutes (I recommend waiting up to 15 minutes), you haven’t touched anything and the remote control is set up well, it’s best to call a technical service.

You can expand this information:

The reason why the air conditioner won’t turn on.

Not enough gas

The lack of gas could be caused by a leak in the refrigerant circuit. This could be because of a mistake in the installation or because vibration or corrosion has opened a small hole in a pipe or weld.

To fix this problem, you will need to call a professional to do the checks needed to confirm or find the gas leak.

If your air conditioner doesn’t cool and has gas, on the other hand, I suggest you read this article, which explains why the air conditioner doesn’t cool when it has gas.

Capacitor for starting

When either the fan or the compressor start capacitor doesn’t work, the indoor unit still works, but it doesn’t make cold air.

If the fan start capacitor is broken, the fan doesn’t turn (does not work).
If the compressor condenser fails, the outdoor fan runs but the compressor doesn’t.

It could also be because the motor has broken down or failed.

But, if the compressor condenser doesn’t operate, the outdoor fan will run but the compressor won’t. This means that the indoor unit will work fine, but it won’t cool.

When the fan is louder than the compressor, like in inverters, touching the pipes is the only method to tell if the compressor is running.
If the pipes are the same temperature as the room, it doesn’t work.

If the air conditioner doesn’t work because the filters are dirty

When the filters are dirty, the air doesn’t move as it should, so the gas pressure in the indoor unit goes down. This means that the compressor isn’t working. Ac is blowing hot air

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