Are diet pills safe

 Diet Pills: Are They Dangerous? Appetite suppressants in the test

Is it worth spending money on diet pills?

Discontinued Acomplia.

Even appetite suppressants and weight loss pills, which can be proven effective with serious studies, only make sense as a supplement to a good diet plan and diet change.

Taking a pill and watching the pounds fall off?”This does not exist without your own intervention and will not exist in the foreseeable future,” says diet expert Prof. Dr. Michael Hamm. He also realizes how much people want a solution.
Slimming products cost ten billion euros worldwide.

Appetite suppressants: dangerous and illegal ingredients

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has now also taken a close look at common slimming products. Conclusion: Internet-based means, in particular, can be hazardous to one’s health. Unlike medicines, food supplements do not undergo an official approval procedure in which health safety must be proven in advance. The manufacturer or importer is responsible for the safety of his products. But proving damage is difficult.

Currently, the Hamburg Consumer Center has examined the market for slimming agents, i.e., appetite suppressants, diet pills, and tablets for weight loss. Short conclusion:

Most of the products are ineffective at best and, in the worst case, hazardous to health.”

“With unsustainable advertising slogans, dubious providers try to lure overweight people.” Fiber, swelling agents, and fat binders are therefore ineffective to dangerous, which can cause constipation and even intestinal obstruction if there is too little fluid.Are diet pills safe  also dewatering agents such as birch leaves, nettles, hawhezel, and juniper. Inhibitors for fat digestion such as the active ingredient orlistat and the product name Xinecal (see below) are highly recommended.

It becomes dangerous for consumers who consume ominous agents to reduce their abdominal fat if undeclared pharmaceutically active substances, e.g., T, are:

  • Sibutramine was offered as “slimming tea” or “weight loss coffee.” The EU prohibited sibuttamine in 2010 because of deaths.
    The chemical still appears in food samples randomly.
  • 2,4-Dinitrophenol is an industrial chemical that is used to make dyes, pesticides, explosives, and wood preservatives.   Even at a low dose, DNP, taken over a longer period of time, can damage the liver, kidney, blood formation, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. There have been several deaths in various countries in recent years.
  • Synephrine is often mixed with caffeine. Like caffeine-containing plant extracts like guarana, coffee, and green tea, “bitter orange extract” hides the ingredient. Synephrine and caffeine both affect the cardiovascular system. Such combinations can have dangerous consequences, from sleep disorders, high blood pressure, and palpitations to ventricular fibrillation and heart attacks.

With diet pills for weight loss? remains a dream.

It usually wastes money and can harm your health.
because appetite suppressants have serious negative effects.
Acomplia was discontinued.
Sanofi-Aventis left Europe in 2008 owing to depression. Due to severe side effects, Germany has stopped sibutramine-containing drugs like Reductil since January 2010.

Beware of dubious proof of action.

These dangerous products are still available on the Internet. Even worse, vegetable goods include concealed sibutramine, ephedrine, and acetylsalicylic acid. Consumer advocates specifically warn against products such as Li-Pro2, LiDa, Meizitang, ThermoGenesis, or Slimming Coffee Leisure 18.All mislabeled and harmful. . So, stay away from Internet slimming pills!

Conclusion: Appetite suppressants and diet pills

Appetite suppressants only help obese people start a new diet.Are diet pills safe  For slightly overweight people, however, the risks are far too high! However, some manufacturers, such as those of Alli or Formoline L-112, support their customers with additional material and online advice.

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