Can smartphone measure blood pressure

Can smartphone measure blood pressure

Measure your pressure with… the finger? And with… your cell phone?

There are several applications (apps) for smartphones or “smart phones” that promise to measure our blood pressure (A.P.) just by placing the tip of a finger on the lens of our cell phone’s camera, but… none has managed to prove that their alleged measurements are real. Therefore, they have not been validated as a “health care product.

Conclusion: So far, it is not possible to measure blood pressure reliably with a phone (no matter how expensive or smart it is). Promoting this type of program or “resource” might be dangerous, especially for persons with high blood pressure. For this reason, publicity about this kind of procedure is extremely irresponsible and can potentially be a scam.

Our Medical Observatory has just detected on Facebook a paid ad with advertising about a mobile application with which you could supposedly “measure the pressure.” However, it is striking that even the photo of the ad is not directly related to what the text promises. Friend:

Many medical- and home-use digital blood pressure monitors are available. They are easy to learn to use, and many have extremely affordable prices. They are available in pharmacies or even in electronics stores. However, remember: before making a decision that involves your health, always consult a doctor.

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