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Therefore, when we define a content creator, we are talking about someone whose work is focused on creating content with the intention of connecting and marketing to a specific audience.
What are content creators? Conten creator fo sosial media

A content creator produces entertaining or educational material that responds to the interests and challenges of an audience. The content they produce can take many forms, such as blog posts, videos, e-books, photos, social media posts and infographics. Today, companies work with creators and influencers to engage new and existing customers on behalf of the brand. Conten creator fo sosial media

So what do they do?

Content creators conceptualize and develop engaging content

usually (but not always) according to a content marketing strategy. Their goal is to produce engaging content that generates traffic, followers or leads.

To do this, content creators work to understand what content works best for their audiences, platforms and strategy. For example, an unboxing video or a social media haul about avocados is probably not the best content. But it might be interesting for a marketing strategy for a cell phone, clothing or credit card.

Content creators will also need to understand how digital marketing strategy works, and that their content will have an end goal. Like marketers, content creators often work with data and expertise to develop content that converts.

Experienced content creators are likely already comfortable creating content for different marketing channels. But that doesn’t mean that new content creators are any less effective at their job. With effort and time, you can build a workflow that works for you.
How do you find content creators?

VoxFeed is the largest platform in Latin America for connecting brands with content creators, nano-influencers, micro-influencers and macro-influencers. It is free to access and allows brands to meet, interact, build campaigns, pay and measure results. Everything is done from the platform in an easy, agile and secure way.

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In VoxFeed you can segment the audience of creators according to their gender, interests, number of followers, social network, engagement rate, cost, reach or location.
How to work with content creators and influencers – 5 recommendations
How to collaborate with brands?

The goal of brands is to make their campaign a success. Therefore, more and more brands are looking for content creators and influencers to reach a maximum number of people and new audiences. They arouse a lot of interest among brands as a basis for publishing and publicizing their products through advertising campaigns. It is also a cheap and effective method that can go viral compared to expensive traditional commercial campaigns.

The essential thing is to be clear about the type of product or service you want to collaborate with. Obviously you will have to relate to brands and companies that have to do with your profile (blog, web and social networks). This is so that users and other brands that visualize you relate you as a specialized content creator in that sector.

But, how can you start? Here are the steps so that, through VoxFeed, you can start working with your favorite brands:

1. Download the VoxFeed app for influencers.
Find it in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Sign up and link your social networks.
Fill in your information and select the social networks you want to link. Grant the requested permissions and you are ready to participate!

3. Participate in your favorite campaigns.
Decide which campaigns to participate in and make your publications according to the description of the campaign and your personality.

4. Receive your payment securely.
You will be able to request your payment and receive it in your PayPal or Payoneer account.

Content creators, from VoxFeed, have made more than 500 thousand publications connecting with their favorite brands. The platform has delivered more than 2 million dollars in transparent transactions. Conten creator fo sosial media

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