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Content creation is a fundamental piece for the dissemination of messages and brand awareness of a company, but most of the time it depends on the inspiration of the person who carries out the task. However, it is also possible to count on artificial intelligence tools, which allow optimizing this process to develop any type of content, from images, videos or even complex texts. This essay will describe these technologies, the finest tools, their pros and cons, and how to use them in your approach. . Content creator platforms

What are artificial intelligence tools for content creation?

Artificial intelligence or AI tools in content creation are used to generate messages from a database. Recently, thanks to technological advances in the industry, it was found a way to use bots to create content as if it were a human.

Automated content aims to conceal its machine-made origins.
It’s hard to tell if the material is good, so this may inspire hope but also worry.
Content creator platformsAdvantages and disadvantages of its use

All company wants to convert clients with its strategies and content, but it takes a lot of professional labor.
AI can speed up social networking, blog, and other content creation.
Yet, these technologies have drawbacks. On the one hand, none of these AI tools is perfect and although it can reach a point of being almost unrecognizable if the content is created by a person or a bot, there are still aspects that only the human eye can detect and improve.

We must understand these platforms for what they are: tools. If as content creators we pretend that they do all the work for us, we will not get the desired results, so it is advisable a joint work between experts and artificial intelligence.

Tools for content creation with AI

1. Jasper

It is a platform that allows you to create publications for social networks, blogs, ads, eBooks and texts for landing pages. It has such a wide range of possibilities that it can even write fiction stories and original novels. Unlike many other tools, this one uses Spanish almost naturally, making it harder to tell that the information was not created by a person

2. Lumen5

This free artificial intelligence tool is used to create audiovisual content automatically from a text, from a data feed such as a url or from a blog. It allows us to generate simple and specific videos on any subject with which we test it. In addition, it has a large media library, so it is difficult to repeat the contents in their productions.

3. Rytr

This is another of the most popular options for text generation. It has a wide range of options, from creating copies for social networks, ideas for blogs and even articles for websites. One of its strong points is its interface that allows you to combine different types of functions without leaving the app.

This platform also offers the possibility of generating texts in Spanish, although it may not have the same almost perfect quality as Jasper.

4. Synthesia

This is an application that allows you to create videos with artificial people, allowing you to reproduce sounds from texts, saving resources in speakers, cameras and recording studios. Synthesia has more than 50 avatars available to generate videos. This platform’s limitless templates and options make it stand out.


This specific tool for content marketing has more than 90 different types of preset templates and 8 narrative styles.Its online editor lets you write without leaving the platform.

More than 90 distinct types of pre-set templates and 8 story styles may be found in this content marketing solution. An integrated online editor lets you create material without leaving the site.
Copy constantly improves its interface, which is crucial but not always available in artificial intelligence content creation systems.

Use AI to fine-tune your writing

Without a question, technology will continue to develop, impacting every facet of the Internet-based world. This is also relevant to the content generation process, which is being automated by software that uses artificial intelligence.

Its online editor lets you write without leaving the platform. Computer programs are far from matching the precision and understanding of skilled and educated people.

ontent creator platforms

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