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Content creators need creativity and tools

What does a content creator want to communicate? Particularly, for those who make video, it is essential to give background to the video, making it entertaining and interesting for consumers. What tools do you need? The formula for success depends on the quality, duration and the output to the different social networks. Content creator video

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. Currently, there are more than 2 billion active users on the site per month as of 2020. That equates to one-third of all Internet users, and they are all looking for different, authentic and high-quality content.

In addition, it has become a very profitable source of revenue generation, so many new creators emerge daily, increasing competition in this industry.
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With this scenario

To start making videos and become a creator, you need the basics.
Having a smartphone is the initial step, but you’ll need to improve audio and video and join creator programs like Jellysmack’s to edit and post your material on social media to increase your audience. This is the next step in the professionalization of creators,” says Bruno Belardo, Head of Jellysmack for Latin America. So, to start your way in the creation of videos, here is a list of very useful and easy to get gadgets. Take note so you don’t miss any of them in your kit.

Background. To give identity to your videos, it is important to have a background that distinguishes you, even, to make it more unique, you can make your own. All you need to do is choose the color and look for non-reflective paper.You can use self-adhesive tapestry, neutral-colored vinyl, or a neutral-colored sheet, ironed, and hung on the wall where you want to record.

Having a tripod to hold your cell phone while recording is essential to make your videos more stable. Having your hands free will help you have more confidence and you will be able to record in different positions and from a greater distance. A selfie stick can also be a good tool to start with.

Ring light.
Due to little natural light, a ring lamp can adjust home lighting.
Possessing one will give you a defined aesthetic and make you look more professional on your cell phone camera.

And if you don’t have a ring light?

Then you can use a desk lamp or even another cell phone lamp to get that extra illumination.Tie-dyed microphone. Acoustics are paramount in any video. If you can’t hear it or the audio is too saturated, it’s hardly going to be successful. Nowadays, online shopping sites have in their catalog affordable and very useful microphones to start your way to digital video production.

External hard drive. If you are going to make a lot of content, it is necessary that you have an external hard drive to empty and store there the material you are taking and always have a backup of all your creations. If you have your cell phone free, it will work better.
Basic editing software. You almost never make a video in a single take. In addition, to give it a better touch, it is essential to add some effect or improve the image and sound digitally. Fortunately, there are free and very simple softwares to give that plus to your content.

Recall that digital video has several advantages.
It boosts brand awareness, search engine rankings, and virality. Data analysis and editing technology from worldwide creator companies like Jellysmack allow them be multiplatform and post their videos on numerous social networks. Likewise, through their creator programs and catalog licenses, creators can increase their earnings and, thus, invest them in the development of their professional career.

With the basic tools we have just listed, you can start making more professional and competitive content and, if your content is original and entertaining, you will have the necessary pieces to start your path as a professional creator.Content creator video

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