Diet for Fatty Liver

Diet for fatty liver
A nutrition low in carbohydrates and rich in fruits, legumes and fish.

Fatty liver is an extremely common condition and one of the most relevant aspects in its management is diet. The diet of a person with non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis (NASH) is critical to prevent progression of the disease and subsequent deterioration of the liver.

According to Mayo Clinic, NASH is the most common form of chronic liver disease and affects approximately one-quarter of the population. This condition is characterized by severe inflammation of the liver and can lead to advanced scarring, better known as cirrhosis of the liver.

Before I specify which foods you should avoid and which you can safely consume, I would like to explain a few points so you can better understand why you should skip certain foods if you have fatty liver disease.

Sugar and fat are your enemies

Fructose, the type of sugar found in fruit, honey and some vegetables, as well as glucose, the blood sugar, stimulate fat-producing genes in the liver. A diet rich in sugar contributes to fat deposition in the liver and inflammation.

Another element you should pay attention to is the amount and especially the type of fat you eat. A diet rich in saturated fat, that found in red meat and fried foods, favors the development of fatty liver.

In fact, people with hepatic steatosis generally have a high ration of fatty acids. It has been shown that the consumption of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocado and salmon decreases the amount of fat in the liver and increases the life of the organ.

When you have a fatty liver, losing weight is of great benefit. It has been shown that a 10% decrease in your body weight can reduce your hepatic steatosis by up to one degree.

6 things to keep in mind if you are diagnosed with fatty liver:

1- Avoid eating food between meals.

Although one of the recommendations to lose weight is to accelerate metabolism by consuming healthy snacks between main meals, doing so when you have fatty liver contributes to the problem. Try to eat three meals a day. If you get very hungry between meals drink a glass of water or chamomile tea.

2- The ideal diet is the Mediterranean diet.

Most scientific studies reveal that if you have a fatty liver, the ideal diet for you is the Mediterranean diet, rich in monounsaturated fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids and low in carbohydrates. Include olive oil, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish in your meals. Avoid red meat and breads, pastries, cakes, sweets and chocolates. If you drink wine, do so in moderation. Avoid other types of alcoholic beverages.

3- Leave sugary beverages aside.

Soft drinks, juices and cocktails should be off your menu. Remember that foods and drinks rich in fructose and sucrose favor the synthesis of triglycerides in your liver.

4- Enjoy coffee

According to studies, coffee consumption reduces fat accumulation in the liver and exerts a protective effect against liver cancer by decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress in cells.

5- Include foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C in fruits, vegetables, and legumes reduces fatty liver, according to several studies. Consume papaya, kiwi, red fruits and pineapple, as well as peppers, broccoli, kale and cauliflower.

6- Maintain adequate vitamin D levels

Fatty liver disease is increasingly linked to this vitamin shortage.
Salmon, tuna, cheese, and egg yolks are rich in vitamin D.

Ideas for a menu if you have fatty liver:

Red fruit plate with low-fat plain yogurt and mixed nuts.
Omelet of two egg whites and one egg yolk with spinach.
A cup of coffee with skim milk added with vitamin D.


Black bean soup
Grilled salmon with broccoli garnish
Green salad with olive oil-based vinaigrette
One cup of chopped natural pineapple
Fat-free cottage cheese and avocado baked toast with a few drops of habanero bell pepper sauce.
It is important that you diversify your food and exercise at least four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session.

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