Diet Orange Juice

Natural orange juice

Dietary orange juice along with other fruits and vegetables will help us control the level of body fat. Dietary natural juice also has a very important diuretic effectDietary orange will help us lose weight, purify ourselves and eliminate toxins from the body. The juice that we present to you is very pleasant on the palate and we can vary the proportion of oranges to make it sweeter. Being it does not have a very strong flavor and is very beneficial. We recommend you buy oranges online or organic oranges in ECO-BIO stores so that they do not have chemical treatments on the skin. In Oranges The Old Farmhouse We only grow natural oranges online and we do not add waxes or chemical treatments to the post-harvest skin.

dietary juice of natural oranges without waxes or chemical treatments on the skin

Dietary juice is recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach, in the morning. If we want to follow a juice-based diet for several days, it is highly advisable to consult with our head doctor or a professional dietitian. is taken by combining natural juice oranges and other fruits and vegetables that will help our body. Diet Orange Juice
Ingredients to prepare the dietary orange juice:

1. 1 glass of orange juice .

2. 1 stalk of celery.

3. 4 small sprigs of parsley.

4. 1 tablespoon of chopped nopal.

5. 1 slice of pineapple.

6. 1 Some natural orange peel

Blend all the ingredients except the orange, which we will squeeze in an electric or manual juicer. If we do not have a blender we can make the orange juice and add the rest of the ingredients to a blender container. We will pass all the ingredients through the blender and we will strain it, although we recommend you not to strain the juices since part of the fiber of the fruits and vegetables is lost. Food fibers are one of the keys to a healthy diet.


The nopal is a cactus with a lot of fiber and endless beneficial properties. In many markets it is not easy to find nopal but you can buy nopal in specialized stores.

If the juice seems a bit strong, we can increase the proportion of oranges and pineapple since they are more pleasant when drinking the juice. The pineapple must be fresh and not in syrup. If it is not the pineapple season, we can add another natural and seasonal fruit.

The oranges must be fresh and natural oranges without phytosanitary chemicals on the skin. In the orange net we can see if the oranges are treated with products such as imazalil. We recommend you buy natural oranges online or oranges in organic stores so that they are wax-free. If you can’t buy oranges online, you can buy oranges at any greengrocer’s but don’t add the orange peel as it’s treated with various chemicals that keep the appearance longer.


As oxidation degrades fruits and vegetables, we must drink our juices quickly.
We can produce smaller or larger juices depending on how many people will drink them or how much we want to drink, but we shouldn’t store them. Diet Orange Juice

Before making any diet we must consult with the family doctor or a medical professional.

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