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How to start a diet
Diets to lose weight

If you have failed in several attempts to follow a diet to lose weight, do not despair. This does not mean that you have done it wrong or that the nutritional plan is not adequate; what is behind this “small” failure is that your motivation and willpower have failed.

And the emotional part of each one is of vital importance when it comes to losing weight.

Find out why you want to start a diet to lose weight.
Do an exercise to convince yourself that the diet will work.
“The Scale” shows you the pros and cons of changing and not changing.


Draw yourself a table with two quadrants: in one place, the good you will get if you comply with the diet, and in another, what you don’t like about it. Try to answer the questions that are asked, being as honest with yourself as possible.

When you answer, it’s important to be as concrete and specific as possible. For example, in the quadrant of the good thing about doing it, do not just put “improve my health”, Write specifically what aspect of your health will improve.

The more you specify, the more you will identify with the reasons, and the clearer you will be about whether it is worth it or not to make the change in your diet and your lifestyle.


Once you have weighed the pros and cons of starting a diet, take what you have written in the quadrant of the benefits of change and transfer it to a card large enough to fit the entire list. Accompany the text with related images, turning it into a “motivational collage”.

If you said that one of the nice things is that you will be able to wear the denim that no longer fits, you can pin a photo of yourself wearing it in your collage.
Display the card to remind yourself why you should keep your promise.

Are you motivated to change?
If you are sure you want to diet to lose weight, you may overcome doubts and old habits.

And above all, keep in mind:

The goal is for the change to last. Instead of a month-long diet, the goal is to change your diet forever.
You must internalize this will to change and convince yourself that eating healthy will be a lifelong habit.
You can “train” that value. If you worry about dieting all day, you’ll feel lousy, hate it, and quit.
Yet if you focus on the good and tell yourself you love eating well and that it suits you, you might see your reality differently.


When starting the diet, it is good to reflect on the reasons that drive you to lose weight. Internalize that, although perhaps the initial idea was driven by wanting to lose a little weight and show off those jeans that you love, a better diet will significantly improve your health.

By eating in a balanced way, you will feel more energetic, you will have a better mood, and even your skin will thank you.

Write down all the small positive changes that you feel after a few days with the diet; each of them will be a small victory and will help you stay motivated.

If you are too strict with the diet, it is likely that after a few days you will get bored. Instead, mix up your meals to add taste and avoid “eating the same thing every day.”

Loosen the rope a bit and try a different dressing, mix in other spices, and opt for different cooking techniques.

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