Diet to Eliminate Belly Fat

Sometimes our body swells due to bad habits, and above all, our abdomen keeps looking swollen and makes us feel uncomfortable. To solve it, some foods become our best allies. Diet To Lose Belly Fat 

A one-week diet to end fluid retention and lose two kilos

an issue that makes us uncomfortable in particular clothes and causes gas and digestive troubles connected with slow and heavy digestions.
The Oxigen Barcelona aesthetic center’s director, Estrella Pujol, says, “If there is no food allergy or intolerance, the most prevalent cause of bad health is poor food selection paired with poor eating habits: late at night, without time, talking, chewing little…”

In addition, living with a swollen belly is a problem that is aggravated by some bad habits that we never associate with having a belly, “such as lack of sleep or a sedentary lifestyle”, recalls the specialist, “for this reason it is important to influence both these habits and the diet itself”.Diet To Lose Belly Fat 

Foods for a flat stomach

“Our digestive system conducts too sluggish digestions, which induce the fermentation of food in the intestine and, thus, ends up releasing gases,” therefore burning abdominal fat is not enough to acquire a flat stomach.

In this sense, be careful with fiber. Although it is important to introduce in the diet the sufficient quantity to favor the intestinal transit – 25 to 30 grams distributed throughout the day are recommended – it is not necessary to exceed with it neither to increase it in a search way: it must be ingested little by little, in a progressive way, to avoid that it causes even more gases.

When there is a tendency to suffer from this problem it is better to take ripe and peeled fruits, and the ones that are best for you are pear, peach, melon and watermelon, kiwi, papaya and pineapple. On the other hand, those that produce more gases are grapes, prunes, apricots and bananas.

Foods that burn abdominal fat

In addition, some foods have the “power” to burn the fat that accumulates in the abdomen, because they contain active ingredients that slow down the digestion of lipids and stimulate the metabolism. These are the ones you should include in your shopping cart.


A diuretic vegetable that inhibits fluid retention, removes fat, and boosts metabolism due to its high fiber content and cynarin, which aids digestion.

Its rich iron and vitamin B12/B3 levels help burn fat.

Green tea. It contains an antioxidant polyphenol that helps burn white fat, which is the one that usually accumulates in the abdomen. To be most effective, it is necessary to drink four cups a day, in leaf and without sugar.
Cayenne. The spicy, in general, increases body temperature, which increases caloric expenditure to regulate temperature and helps burn fat. In addition, cayenne acts on abdominal fat because of its capsaicin content.
Spinach. In addition to reducing appetite and increasing the feeling of satiety, it acts as a fat burner thanks to the thylakoids present in its leaves, which slow down the digestion of fats.
Bilberry. They help fight the formation of fat cells thanks to polyphenols, which help protect the liver and reduce lipids.

A pear and green tea or ginger-lemon infusion midmorning helps flatten the stomach.

Bloating-prevention diet

With the intention of making things even easier, Estrella Pujol has developed a specific diet against abdominal bloating.

This one-day fat-burning program can be performed weekly.

“Follow days of excesses, such as those that tend to occur throughout holidays, and give yourself a treat at the weekend if there is a social commitment” Monday through Friday.

“It is a nutritious diet that will cleanse the colon, reduce inflammation, and encourage its normal rhythm,” says the expert. “Anyone may follow it whenever they feel they need a little support to manage their intestinal transit.”
It’s not a hypocaloric or restrictive diet, but it teaches you to eat gas-free meals in the middle of the day to give your body time to digest them.

As soon as we wake up

on an empty stomach, we will drink a glass of warm water.
After a few minutes, we’ll have a little plate of applesauce with pumpkin seeds and chia and green tea for breakfast.
At mid-morning we will eat a pear and drink a green tea or an infusion of ginger and lemon.
For lunch, first we will have cream or vegetable broth. For second, a plate of steamed vegetables with quinoa and lentils or the same plate of steamed vegetables with a piece of steamed fish. We will finish the meal with an infusion or a green tea.
In the afternoon we will snack on a handful of dried fruits accompanied by an infusion or a green tea.
Dinner will be a vegetable broth or puree (ideally pumpkin, leek, and apple) with two spoonfuls of ground sesame. For dessert, a small plate of applesauce and an infusion or green tea.Diet To Lose Belly Fat 

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