How career development and training

How career development and training

My personal and professional development since the beginning of my training 

How have I developed both professionally and personally since the beginning of the training? What has changed in my life?
These questions went through my head after almost a year of training as a financial assistant at Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw.

Regarding my personal development: In this regard, I can say that my previous school experience was and is in no way comparable to the time I spent training. Office assignments are now done in the shop instead of half at school and half at home.
You learn to take responsibility for yourself and others, mostly strangers, for their satisfaction, wishes, and concerns. Previously, you usually only had to take responsibility for yourself or your family.

This is precisely what has now brought me forward personally.

Each of us was allowed to learn to approach strangers, to have conversations, and also to be able to deal with criticism. Sometimes I also had to jump over my own shadow to solve one or more tasks. But in retrospect, I noticed that it was precisely these “demanding” situations that helped things develop in the right direction. Unlike before at school, How career development and training you no longer get everything you need. You take care of yourself by ensuring that you receive your documents. You can request course talks or stay current with the training plan.

I feel more confident in my personal life and with customers.

How career development and training By integrating into your “team,” you automatically get a wide variety of tasks that are assigned to you and also have to take responsibility for them. This makes you feel taken seriously, accepted, and like a small part of a large group.

After over a year of instruction, I can enhance my knowledge more and more professionally.  Through various seminars, course discussions, e-learning programs, and, of course, your daily dealings with customers at the counter, you get to know the individual products better and better and can thus advise your customers better and better.

Numerous simulated sales talks also bring us trainees closer and closer to the goal of perhaps becoming a Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw customer advisor ourselves and thus being able to manage our very own conversations with great self-confidence!

Finally, trust yourself and start each day with a positive mindset.

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