If there is any tool that makes home economics easier for us, it is the discount calculator. Companies employ discounts to boost sales and reward customers.

With this online tool to calculate discounts, we will be able to know if that product that we love so much from our favorite store or e-commerce siteis worth buying with that discount or if it is really profitable for us. As consumers, it is convenient to be critical and know how to manage our money effectively. In any case, this calculator can also be very useful in business  for eexample,to understand invoices to calculate personal income tax or to calculate VAT, because what it does is help us keep track of our accounts.

How does the discount calculator work?

With this online calculator, you will be able to know, based on the discount percentage of an amount, what its final value will be and what its final price will be, so that you can determine whether it is profitable or if it interests you based on your case.

Even if, for example, you are in the position of a salesperson and you have calculated the profit margin of the product, this calculator will help you determine the discount percentage that is best for your profits. We’ll tell you how it works!

These are the 3 steps you need to control the discount calculator:

  1. Indicate in the first box what the value of the discount percentage is, for example, 10%.
  2. Secondly, in the second box where it indicates “from,” you will have to add the economic amount from which that discount is going to be extracted. For example, €50 In the previous case, it would be 10% of 50 euros.
  3. In the last step, you will have to click on the button where it says “apply discount “. Thus, the page will automatically refresh, and you will obtain the price corresponding to the requested discount.

The results will appear in a table indicating the amount added, the indicated discount percentage, and the discount in euros. The discounted value, €40 in the case above, is shown on the right.

Discount calculator considerations?

When you are going to use this calculator, repeat the operations whenever you need to to make sure that the percentages it provides are correct and that you have entered the amounts that you certainly needed to calculate.

Also remember that, when you have obtained the price resulting from the discount, you will have to compare it with the initial price to see how much the final price of the product varies.

What is the formula with which the discount can be calculated?

Before discovering the formula for calculating a discount percentage, what we will have to do is calculate the percentage of said number that will be the result of:

  1. Make a multiplication of the percentage and the number.
  2. Divide the result of the previous operation by 100, since it is a precise decimal number.

We remember that the percentage itself is a way of working on a proportion that starts with the number 100. This would be the formula that allows us to calculate a discount:

Discover an example of discount calculation and understand how this operation works.

After the formula is given, this example of a discount calculation done manually in a few steps will help us comprehend the process:

The discount’s €40 will reduce the dress’s price. So €400-€40 = €360.

Thus, the cost of the dress of €400 with a discount of €40 will result in a price of €360 for the dress.

In addition to this commented formula and the manual calculation, another option is to carry out the discount calculation through Excel, where we can also check the discounts applied.

How is the original price of a discount calculated?

It’s easy to find a product’s beginning cost if we know its discount. In a few steps, we will know what the price of the product was before the sale.

Continuing with the previous example:We bought a €200 dress in a clothes store that had a 10% discount already.

  • Therefore, the price of the product previously reduced by 10% was €222.