How stock price is determined

When a company decides to issue shares and go public, it does so through a public offering for sale (OPV, or IPO, for its acronym in English). This process also sets the company’s first share price.

Facebook recently had six: Morgan Stanley as principal, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, and J.P. Morgan.The placement agent or another organization often values the company based on its assets, present profits, and projected earnings.All of this is subjective, which causes IPOs to fail because investors think they overvalue the company (Facebook’s long-awaited IPO was a historic disaster). The company and placement agency then decide on an initial share value by dividing the firm’s valuation by the number of shares they’ll sell.How s.How stock price is determined

A subscription period then begins in which investors can “sign up” for the IPO.

The share price fluctuates within a publicly stated price band for 15 days.Balanced supply and demand yields fair prices. Thus, if the price rises during this period, optimism prevails, but if it decreases, it is usually a bad indicator. Post-subscription and pre-issue, the share price is set.Stock value:

Thus, supply and demand affect share prices. Buyers and sellers issue market orders for a specific quantity of shares at a specific price.Supply and demand determine order book execution. Shares are 10 euros.A buys 50 9.5-euro shares.B’s 25-share sale costs 10.5 euros. His orders will remain until someone buys at 9.5 or sells at 10.5. The operation would happen and the share price would mirror the last one. Thus, investor C needs money and sells 50 shares for 9.5 euros even if they’re worth 10. Your order and investor A’s will decrease that company’s shares to 9.5 euros, the final supply-demand price. Investor B delays 10.5-euro sale.(See an example here.)

In reality,

Stock prices fluctuate because orders collect and are executed every minute.The closing auction takes place between 5:30 and 5:35 p.m. in Spain, where the stock market is open from 9:00 to 5:30. In those minutes, buy and sell orders accrue but are not executed, and the final price of the day is the one with the most orders.In other words, it is about starting the next day at a fairer price, the one to which the largest number of investors have agreed. This final price is very important because it is the one that will appear in all the newspapers and newscasts and at which investors will look to continue operating.How stock price is determined

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