How to be motivated to lose weight

How to be motivated to lose weight – With summer just around the corner, our goal of feeling well, fit, and at the right weight becomes more important than ever. And, as a rule, it usually includes starting to do some sports and losing some of those extra kilos that we have been dragging since winter. According to the results of an online survey conducted by the Healthy Food Foundation with the support of Arkopharma Laboratories on more than 500 people, half of the population has gained weight on average over the last year due to the pandemic.

And if losing weight is difficult the rest of the year, it is even more difficult in these months due to the heat and endless afternoons of dirt. But losing some weight is not so complicated when we know how to handle the first golden rule to achieve it well: combine a healthy diet with some exercise, moderate but constant.

something that happens to organize with a weekly menu plan, change habits, and, especially in summer, reduce snacking. “The organization will reduce uncontrolled snacking between meals. In addition, we will not cook more food than we need. It is best to make three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “And, when more than 4-5 hours will pass between two meals, have a snack, but it is also planned to reduce the consumption of saturated fats, refined sugars, and salt,” explains Dr. Emilia Cancer, member of the Management Committee of the Nutrition Area.

And just as important as a good diet is exercise, also with a schedule that helps us avoid ingestion due to boredom. “As with food, the ideal is to plan physical activity; it will be easier to fulfill if we set a schedule from the beginning,” says the doctor.

How to be motivated to lose weight from exercise

As with most things, the first step in our mission to achieve a great bikini moment is always the most difficult. However, once you’ve formed the habit, it will be difficult to break. Agustn Oliver, founder of L’Anatomie, a Pilates space located in the heart of Madrid, gives us the 10 keys that help motivate us to exercise and lose weight. 

To begin with, don’t be too demanding.

Don’t try to go from 0 to 100; getting into a routine when it comes to playing sports is not easy and doesn’t get any better from today to tomorrow. Being too demanding of yourself will only lead you to abandon your purpose. Begin with one or two days per week to get the ball rolling, and gradually increase the number of sessions.

Get organized.

Habits take 21 days, according to experts. Respect your 2–3 weekly exercise hours. Do it at the same time every day to catch up and be consistent—this will be your success.

Guided exercise.

Solo sports are always harder. Join a gym and follow a professional’s regimen to stay consistent, avoid injuries, and focus on your interests.

Set goals.

Meeting goals always feels good, so the best way to get motivated is to set up small challenges in the sports routine. Train three days a week, run one more kilometer on the treadmill, tone up, gain muscle, reach a physical bottom… Set achievable goals.

Take the opportunity to start eating well.

It’s about eating healthier, not dieting. You should aim to shed weight and become in shape by eating healthier. Five meals a day with seasonal produce. It includes antioxidant-rich avocados, carrots, red fruits, citrus, spinach, kiwis, and legumes—add them to salads in summer. Hydrate well.

Alone or accompanied?

When you’re weak, find someone to pull you. Group lessons can motivate you if no one else will.

Treat yourself and watch the premiere.

It’s not a necessity, but it always motivates. Begin by purchasing a nice outfit that feels good for you to wear to the gym or to begin your sports activity; do not wear your worst t-shirt. After two or three weeks, buy something for one night out… one size smaller.

Take care of your body.

Avoid everything that can add to your anxiety with your purpose; minimize both stiffness and the risk of hurting or injuring yourself with a good warm-up, stretching after exercise, and controlling your breaths. Going to a physiotherapist is a great idea for a set-up and to maintain bone and muscle health.

Outside stereotypes.

Exercising is a healthy habit that reduces stress, improves self-esteem, and produces happiness. Choose your favorite sport without being swayed by prejudice; neither Pilates nor Cross Training are geared toward women; you decide.

Rest and don’t get tired.

Regular exercise requires knowing when to quit. Take days off to disconnect and sleep eight hours to perform better the next day.

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