How to save money on car insurance

How to save intelligently on your car or motorcycle insurance

A low price should not be the only reason that leads you to sign a policy. Insurance is intended to protect you in the worst circumstances, so looking for the ideal product to insure your vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, is not only a matter of price but also of common sense. Save, yes, but intelligently. How to save money on car insurance

To save money on your policy, get good vehicle insurance at the best price.   If you want to know how to save on your insurance, without it being at the cost of losing benefits or services that you may later need, these are our recommendations: How to save money on car insurance

Choose the coverage you need—no more, no less.

To know what coverage you need, you must be clear about the characteristics of your vehicle and how you use it. Depending on each case, the needs are different, as are the types of insurance to be taken out as well.
Avoid hiring unnecessary coverage. One assumption: if your car broke down for a while, would you need a replacement vehicle or could you move without any problem by other means? If your answer matches the second option, it does not compensate you for paying more for the possibility of having a replacement car.
On the contrary, don’t forget to pay for coverage that you may need at any time. Thus, if you usually make long trips with the vehicle, you must take out a policy with roadside assistance coverage without a limit on kilometers, since some policies limit the transfer of the vehicle to the workshop closest to the accident site, preventing you from taking it to the workshop of your choice, either next to your house or elsewhere.

Keep your accident history clean.

This second advice depends only on you. If you drive responsibly and have not been found at fault in any accidents, companies will consider you a good driver, and some will reward you with a discount on your insurance renewal.
On the contrary, the more parts you have in your history, the more expensive the annual premium for your policy will be. There will even be those who refuse to make sure. If you change jobs, make certain that the new one honors the level of bonuses you received at the previous one.

Enjoy the special discounts.

A good driver avoids fines, has no components as offenders, and maintains his vehicle.
Lnea Directa and Mutua Madrilea offer special prices for those who keep the 15 points of the card, although Seguros Bilbao, Génesis, Regal, Direct, and AXA offer discounts on damage coverage if the vehicle is garaged.
If the insured repairs his vehicle in his network of workshops, the latter three give a full-risk policy discount.

On the other hand, before getting insurance, it’s a good idea to find out what deals each company is running at that time, just in case there’s one you can use.

Attention to the payment method

When choosing the method of payment, if you can afford it, pay the entire premium in a single payment. The reason is that companies usually apply surcharges on fractional payments, which vary according to the case and the type of insurance. If you need to divide the payment into several installments, ask your company first about the surcharge they apply, although there are also entities such as Mutua Madrilea that do not apply any.

At all risk: with or without excess?

If your car is new or a few years old, full insurance that covers its value in a total accident is recommended.
Franchises can significantly lower premiums.
You pay the initial part of the repair up to the contracted franchise, and the company pays the remainder.

Increase the franchise price to take more responsibility and lower your insurance rate.
If your history suggests you will have many claims, the non-deductible option may be better.
Car insurance savings

Take out all your insurance with the same company.

When you have several vehicles insured or you are paying for other types of insurance (home, life, etc.), you can ask your company about the possibility of contracting several policies at the same time and negotiating their price. In this way, you may get better rates.
There are companies that offer up to 50% off if you have a direct family member who is already a customer. Others give you a 10% discount on your premium for every friend you tell about them, up to a certain limit.

Pay based on usage

If you travel a few kilometers with your vehicle, some companies offer products in which the price of the insurance varies depending on the use you make of it. Through a device that is installed in your vehicle, you pay according to the distance traveled. They also take into account the time in which you normally travel, the speed at which you drive, or the type of road you use. All these aspects modify the price of the premium, and you can find interesting offers if you fit the profile that the insurer is looking for. save on auto insurance

Park the car in the garage.

We’ll repeat: some insurance companies offer savings for parking in a private or shared garage.

When you park your car on the street, you risk rubbing, theft, vandalism, and even damage from leaking cars.

If you have a parking spot, tell your insurance company to save money.
Car insurance savings

How to save money on car insurance

Compare the times and ask for business suggestions

If you are thinking of changing companies, do not forget to cancel the renewal at least one month before the expiration date of the policy. Even so, don’t leave it to the last minute. When taking out new insurance, always compare prices and coverages in advance. Companies such as Genesis or Regal offer better prices to the most farsighted drivers.
We also advise you to ask the insurers about the discounts and promotions they offer at that time. They can lower your insurance premiums or provide you payments for other services.
Make your personalized comparison quickly and easily, and get to know all the active promotions in our insurance comparator. How to save money on car insuranceCar insurance comparison

Avoid hiring unnecessary coverage. For example, if your car breaks down, do you need a replacement vehicle? Or could you move by other means?The second answer does not reimburse you for paying more for a replacement automobile in the event of a breakdown.


  • A low price should not be the only reason that leads you to sign a policy. Insurance protects you, so choose wisely. We guide you to save on your car insurance, without it being at the expense of benefits or services that you may later need.
  • It is very important to adjust the insurance policy to your needs. Avoid hiring unnecessary coverage, and don’t forget to pay for coverage that you may need at any time.
  • If you manage to keep your accident history clean, you will also save money. If you drive safely and haven’t been in an accident, several insurance companies give you a bonus.
    Your coverage may be denied if you have multiple pieces.
  • If you can afford it, pay the entire premium in one payment. Companies frequently incur fractional payments surcharges, which vary by case and insurance type.. Ask your company about the surcharge they apply.
  • Let us know if you park in a garage because some insurance providers offer discounts.
    If you park on the street, you risk theft, vandalism, body friction, and on-the-run car crashes.


How can I save on my insurance premium?

A low price should not be the only reason that leads you to sign a policy. Insurance is intended to protect you, and, therefore, you must intelligently look for the right product for your vehicle. How to save money on car insurance

Can I adjust the policy to meet my needs?

Of course.Policies should be tailored to each driver’s vehicle. You should not give up essential coverage, but you should give up unnecessary coverage for your habits. You will save money in this manner.

Does my accident history influence the insurance premium?

Yes. It’s the first thing insurers look at. If you manage to keep your accident history clean, you will also save money.Insurance companies give you bonuses for driving safely and not blaming others for accidents. How to save money on car insurancence

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