How to Save Money on Parking


How to Save Money on Parking

How to Save Money on Parking

Parking costs a lot of money. We spend billions a year just looking for spaces, not to mention the money we have to pay for them when we find them. Here are easy ways to cut costs: 

Be sure to make plans.
If you’re in a hurry, you’ll probably choose the first parking spot that comes up. That’s not a good way to save money, and it opens you up to rates that are way too high. You can save a lot of money if you plan your routes, give yourself plenty of time, and do a little research. If you don’t, you’re literally throwing away money that you could have spent on something more fun than a place to park your car.

A number of parking places will give discounts if you book in advance. This is especially true of big businesses. If you know you’re going on a trip, look at your options and make plans ahead of time. It should also help keep prices down and make sure you have a spot when you show up. 

Look for discounts

Many parking garages and lots offer discounts to students, seniors, and people with disabilities, among other groups. 

There’s a price comparison website for just about every product and service you can think of these days. Even car parks are the same. But make sure the site you use is a good one, because not all of them are real. 

Parkopedia is worth a look

Parkopedia is, as the name suggests, an online encyclopedia about parking spots all over the world. It says that it has information about parking lots in 89 countries and 15,000 cities, which adds up to about 70 million parking spots. This number keeps going up all the time. You can find information about prices, facilities, hours of operation, and reviews. 

Parking on the Edge

On your way to the city? Most likely, parking will cost more as you get closer to the city center. In that case, it might just be cheaper to park on the edge of where you want to go. For example, sometimes it’s cheaper to use a park-and-ride service than to pay for a space. Think about what you can do. 

If you are in a residential area, you may be able to find free or cheap street parking. Just make sure to read the signs and follow any parking rules, as some places may have time limits or need permits.

Hire someone driveway.
Yes, you can do it, and you can even do it in some of the worst places with the worst parking. People can rent out their driveway as a place to park cars on websites like “” On the other hand, it will also show people who are looking for a space in which driveways are free. This is a simple way for people in busy areas to make a little money out of their extra space. It gives drivers places to park their cars that are easy to get to, doesn’t cost much, and are safe. 

Use the Correct Alteration

Ok, this may sound inconsequential. But car parks literally rake in millions every year because of their “no change back” policies. Making sure you have enough change on you can help you avoid paying more than you need to; it all adds up over time. Alternatively, look for parking lots that allow you to pay in advance or via card.

Invest in an electric car.
No, we’re not suggesting that you buy an electric car to save money on parking. Instead, we’re going to tell you that if you buy a zero-emission car when it’s time for a new one, you can save money on parking. There are a lot of places where you can charge your car and park for free. Some places will even let you park for free, whether or not you pay to use a charger. You could save a lot of money every year. 

Think about buying a Season Ticket.
No one likes to pay for parking, especially if it’s a gamble. But many companies say that if you buy a season ticket, you can save up to 70% on your costs. This is a good idea if you use parking lots a lot. Think about how much you’re spending and how often you need to find a space. 

Pay for a parking spot

We thought it would be fun to include this, not because it could save us money. Did you know that the car park real estate business is booming, especially in cities like London and New York?  

If you don’t always need your parking spot, think about giving it to someone who does. You can use a parking app or website to let people know about your spot, or you can talk to friends, family, or neighbors who might be interested in splitting the cost of parking with you. 

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