How to save on transportation

8 tips for saving money on transportation in 2017.

Despite being one of our country’s main economic drivers, along with SMEs, the self-employed are a very underserved labor sector.Expenses in relation to benefits are increasing, and for that reason, we are going to talk to you about some tricks for this year 2017 that will help you with your savings.

We are going to focus on the expense of transportation mainly, since it usually has a very important weight within our monthly budget and sometimes poses a high burden on personal finances.

Obviously, our advice won’t work in every field, since it will depend on what each freelancer does for a living or what kind of business they run. How to save on transportation

Nonetheless, these tips can benefit the majority who may not have examined options or offers that save a lot.

Ways to save on transportation

1. Use of public transport

If we use public transport, we can use temporary travel cards or vouchers because the amount is sometimes reduced by up to 50%If you have to take several buses or make a transfer, it’s free. In addition, this option avoids traffic jams and the need to look for parking. This results in a savings of both time and fuel.

2. Purchase of a vehicle for work

If, on the other hand, we need to buy a car because we must use it for our trips, we advise you of two options:

  • Do not buy a new car because there are possibilities of getting a second-hand car at a good price in excellent condition that will save us a lot of money.
  • Another option is to benefit from car rental for its tax advantages because the fees paid can be deducted, and we forget about maintenance, insurance, overhauls, ITV, or breakdowns.

3. Insurance comparison

Evaluate and carefully study the insurance companies and the proposals they make to us. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition, and being a woman has some particularly attractive advantages and benefits.

4. Assess the price of fuel according to the gas station

We can also compare the cheapest gas stations for our car’s fuel use.

5. Efficient and controlled driving

On the other hand, we can also save a lot of diesel or gasoline if we drive efficiently, avoid busy points, and maintain tire pressure correctly.

6. Sharing the parking space

For years, it has been fashionable to be able to share a parking space for both the car and the motorcycle. Several people sell out their parking spaces during off-peak hours to make extra money.
This option reduces gas use and saves money at the end of the month.

7. Carsharing

Car sharing lets you rent a car by the hour.
This proposal lets you pay for car use alone.

8. Discounts with bank cards or loyalty programs

Using various payment methods or bank cards offered by certain entities, where a percentage is usually saved on each refueling, is another possibility that is available to us, and that at the end of the year also means global savings. There are companies that offer affiliate programs that involve associated discounts when hiring their services. How to save on transportation

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