Investing for teens: What to invest when you are young

The investment world has always been associated with people with advanced ages and high purchasing power. This concept has changed today thanks to information and the evolution of investment services. Be clear: you can invest from a very young age, and the amounts can be small. But what about what products?, you will ask yourself. Well, let’s explain it to you:

More classic investment products 

Investing in the stock market

You can, for example, invest in the stock market anywhere in the world by doing prospecting that was formerly impossible. The amounts to be invested can be very modest, and profitability can be obtained via dividends or by increasing the price of the shares. To operate, there are brokers online from whom you can make the investment you want with absolute freedom and ease. Be careful, as it can also be lost. It is ideal for learning and training previously. For the first steps, we recommend that you do it with an advisor who can guide you and that you keep an eye on the analysis of the experts when making decisions. In the Bankinter Analysis section, you can follow for free our analysis team’s buying and selling recommendations and the main news that affects the markets.

Real estate market

Investing in the real estate market by buying a house is a classic in Spain. Usually, financial support is needed through a mortgage, and for it to be granted, it is necessary to accredit some income that guarantees its payment. This investment bets on two returns: the rent of the house and the surplus value that the price increase can obtain. As recent years have demonstrated, house prices can decrease and incur losses, so we must be watchful. Although it is true that by raising rents so much, you can get good returns from a real estate investment, you also have to listen to the voices that speak of high incomes that could also suffer oscillations. However, there is no prospect that this will happen for now because policies that facilitate access to housing with low rents need to be carried out.

Currently, there are real estate investment platforms that offer the possibility of participating in the purchase of real estate with small annual amounts. TReal estate crowdfunding is platform-based. To prove its worth, this investment kind needs more experience.

Investment Funds

Another classic option is investment funds, and the amounts can be very affordable. The usual thing is to act through specialists in the management of this investment. We remind you that for most digital customers Bankinter launched Popcoin two years ago, an exciting way to start investing without having to spend time directly managing your investment.

Less classic investments 

Investment in precious metals 

It can be an excellent investment in times of crisis because gold and silver usually become safe havens and increase in value. Before you invest in these products, you can just train yourself well.


There is another form of lending called crowdlending, which involves loans between individuals. You can lend a small amount to a company or an individual to finance your business. It is controlled and overseen and has great profits, but if the trade fails, the recipient cannot return the money. Since internet platforms exist, the possibilities for investing small amounts are endless: wine, technology, cryptocurrencies, etc. However, investing in less liquid or regulated markets is risky, so it’s best to do so well informed.

Advice before you start investing 

  1. You have to be wary of great returns because they don’t exist.When they offer out-of-market profits, you have to consider it’s a fraud or a pyramid scheme where the last ones pay. If you are young, a significant investment is yourself. Invest in your training; it will be profitable in the long term and allow you to access the labor market and occupy the best positions.

  2. Real investments generate a good or service, while speculative investments bet on price fluctuations.

  3. You have to know minimally about the business or the market where the investment takes place because otherwise, it is very likely that you will mess up. If you need the proper knowledge, it is advisable to resort to the advice of professionals.

  4. Before diving into a new venture, be cautious and wait.

  5. There are few secure investments, and profitability depends on risk.

  6. Diversify your investments so that if one loses money, another will make up for it.

  7. It is optional to invest everything you have. You have to distinguish between investment and gambling. The excellent investor is prudent, cold, and always has his back to him.

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