Investing Long-term and its benefits

Discipline is required to maintain investments despite the turbulence and bad news that can affect the markets, but if your investment goal is long-term, that should be kept in mind.

Markets tend to recover after periods of recession. A drop in the balance of investments does not mean a loss. The real loss materializes when investments are settled. For the same reason, there are no losses if no portfolio changes are made.Investing Long-term and its benefits

Remember that it is always important to save systematically and maintain adequate diversification. In addition, always keep in mind that investment instruments are subject to the typical risks of investments, including, but not limited to, market risks and the risks associated with your investment portfolio.

Therefore, a sustained investment over time can be synonymous with great advantages when it comes to protecting your wealth.

Why save on mutual funds?

Our mutual funds are an alternative that will allow you to optimize your investment, leaving it with more possibilities to expand your wealth and generate income to grow your capital in the long term. Principal mutual funds have several advantages for fulfilling such a task, and now you can hire them 100% online.

We have over 25 alternatives for choosing your funds according to your investor profile and risk tolerance. Some of the characteristics of these funds are:

  • Build a diversified portfolio: You can combine different funds, varying the investment risk.
  • Flexibility and liquidity: This is a good alternative if you need to withdraw your funds quickly. You can rescue the total of your funds or a part of them.
  • Profitability: the greater the risk, the greater the profitability. Funds have different levels of risk, which depend on the market or asset in which they are invested.
  • Tax benefits: if you invest in mutual funds with APV, you can access the tax benefits delivered by the state.

Invest in APV for your retirement pension.

A good way to save in the long term is with an APV (Voluntary Pension Savings). This investment is intended to improve and increase the amount of your retirement, functioning as additional savings to the mandatory one of the AFP. If you still don’t want to save on APV, you can hire 100% online.

Saving on APV has some benefits, such as:

  • If you invest in the A regime, the state rewards your effort for savings and gives you 15% of what you save in APV during the year. It is for people with medium-low incomes and has a cap of 6 UTM per year.
  • If you invest in regime B, you pay less income tax since your savings in APV are reduced directly from your taxable income. It is for people with medium-high incomes.
  • Agreed deposits are an amount of money agreed upon between the worker and the employer and destined for the APV. This amount is not affected by income tax until it is withdrawn as a pension; it has a cap of 900 UF per year.

You can contact our advisors to assemble or review your portfolio, make the best investment decision for the long term, and take advantage of all the associated benefits. Investing Long-term and its benefits

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