Investing money? 5 ideas to multiply initial investment in 2023

Do you have a lot of money reserved for a long time to invest in a business but are unsure which is the most profitable?

Today you will not only get rid of your doubts, but we will tell you which of them require little or no initial investment. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Every empire begins by laying the first stone. And from there, it begins to forge what, after a while, could be your way of making a loose living while also doing what you are passionate about.

It is normal to wonder what to invest in that money that you have enabled to test possible profitable business paths, but not researching enough to determine if we will follow a profitable path is what makes those people fail…

In this article, we have done that research work for you. Today we give you 5 profitable ideas to invest your money in the middle of 2022, so take note that we are starting!

In which digital businesses can I invest my money in 2023?

Before thinking about which business to embark on, let’s pull numbers to put ourselves in a situation:

According to the data

The data indicates that out of every 100 companies, about 65 fail before they are 2 years old. The same data assures that only 10% of  SMEs are able to reach 10 years of age. One of the reasons for this scenario is the initial lackluster research on the project you will dedicate yourself to. Even so, it is evident that online businesses are booming in practically the entire world.Investing money? 5 ideas to multiply initial investment in 2023

Many of them do not require much initial investment, or the investment is so small that anyone can afford it. For example, there are more and more entrepreneurs every year, eager to fulfill their dream of shaping that project they have in mind…Investing money? 5 ideas to multiply initial investment in 2023

The statistics

According to statistics, 46% of young people between the ages of 19 and 34 consider it to be a feasible country for entrepreneurship. In addition, 60% of them are considered suitable to start their own business. If you also want to know where I can invest my money to multiply it, this may interest you:

5 ideas to invest money and multiply it profitably

These types of forms of entrepreneurship that you will see below are not the only ones that exist.

But what is certain is that there are several of the best ways to put money to work and multiply it in the medium- and long-term through the power of the Internet and “the digital.”

1. Create an online store.

Setting up an e-commerce business can be a very interesting entrepreneurship opportunity.

All you will need is a website and a supplier that supplies you with the product you will market.

And both things are increasingly available to everyone because Shopify has democratized the e-commerce sector, allowing you to create an online store yourself in a few hours, whatever your computer skills. Creating your online store is no longer a matter for a few. With Shopify, you can have your own business in a matter of minutes. And you know what? You are 7 steps away from getting it. Include the link to the free trial!

So if you don’t know where to invest your money, creating an online store will be one of your best options since one of the advantages is that the initial investment will be minimal—it will be zero dollars or euros! At least to have a “minimum viable store” working on the Internet. And now, once you test the market and confirm that the chosen niche works, you can scale your business with today’s competitive pricing plans.

And as for the suppliers, just by searching on Google for “how to find suppliers of…” you will surely find many options. You could even create a business that does not have physical stock (using the dropshipping modality). With the advancement of technology, it is no longer necessary to have to hire a programmer to be in charge of designing our page from scratch (with the corresponding expense that this entails).

If you still wonder what you can invest your money in and selling products is not your thing, keep reading since we suggest more digital investment modalities that are (very) booming today.

2. Investing in cryptocurrencies

Investment in cryptocurrencies has become very popular over the last decade. We can find different types of cryptocurrencies, although the most common are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

The way to make money with this idea is through purchasing or speculating these digital assets.

☝🏻   One of the advantages of these resources is that they operate within a decentralized market (this means that governments do not have control over it; at least in theory).

The investor will move in a scenario of high volatility. This is a risk because each crypto asset’s value can fall or rise practically exponentially from one moment to the next. This is how many users have seen their investment rise to exceed 120% of its initial value. The investor could start by buying the cryptocurrency or speculating on its price. There is also the option of investing in currency CFDs, although the risk is even higher, and a lot of knowledge is required to avoid losing the money invested.

3. Invest in robo-advisors.

So that you have more options on the question of where to invest the money and get it to multiply, I encourage you to take a look at the robo-advisors.

This concept refers to managers who will be responsible for investing our money in an automated way in the best index funds.

  • The first thing we will have to do is choose a robo-advisor that is reliable and has very good ratings behind it.
  • The next step will be to fill out a form to determine our investment plan and objectives. In it, it will be taken into account if it is a medium- or long-term investment, the level of risk you can manage, and your experience.

Depending on what you are looking for, some platforms are dedicated to passively managed funds, active management, or active and passive management at the same time (we recommend reading more about these concepts to have everything clear).

Each robo-advisor platform will charge a series of commissions for its services and the user’s profile. The great advantage of investing in robo-advisors is that you will be able to face a level of risk that you know you will be able to handle.

4. Invest in creating a blog.

At first glance, I know that if someone asks you, “How can I invest my money to be able to multiply it?” and you answer that by creating a blog, it may seem ridiculous and even a joke.

Well, quite the opposite. Today, I can tell you, dear reader, that thanks to my passion for the world of blogging and digital marketing, I have been making a living for almost a decade, although not all the profit comes from knowing how to write some interesting posts on your website.

You must then learn SEO positioning to know what specific topics to write about and what keywords and doubts users write on Google. And above all, position those contents at the top of the search engine.

Monetization comes when you integrate this blog into a business (for example, an online store) on the same theme.

You will be attracting qualified web traffic to your website, so having helped the user solve the doubt for which he entered, he will likely be interested in your brand and what you sell.

And if, after a first contact, you do not get that sale, that user will probably look for another doubt that, if you solve it again, you will enter the top of his mind, becoming part of his life and thus having you as a trusted brand when he has to choose where to buy products like the ones you sell.

5. Investing in raw materials

Commodities are an overly safe investment since they are one of the few assets that always follow an upward trend or that, at least, do not take long to recover from the falls.

Gold and silver can be very interesting.

You can invest in many ways: by buying a gold jewel directly, through precious metal derivatives, through funds, or by investing in companies related to the mining industry.


Many users are looking at diamonds right now. It is a good investment for those who are looking for something stable that, at the same time, allows them to save. It is important to remember that when you sell your jewelry, you are exempt from the payment of VAT if it is a jewel with a characteristic purity.

Invest in oil.

The truth is that it is not invested directly in this raw material but in the company that is in charge of its commercialization. Considering how much the price of crude oil is rising, you may have an opportunity here to multiply your money.Investing money? 5 ideas to multiply initial investment in 2023

Are you still wondering where you can invest the money?

Keep these ideas in mind, and I’m sure you’ll find something that really interests you. Think that it must be something that you master and that, really, you know where you are going.

It’s not worth investing in something you don’t fully understand. It’s a typical mistake; I hope you don’t make it. You are warned. Investing money? 5 ideas to multiply initial investment in 2023

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