Investing options: Where and what to invest in according to your risk level in 2023

Investing options. Risk is inherent in an investment; there is no investment without risk. But not investing also comes with risks. No matter how low inflation is, it is usual for your money to lose value over time if you leave it static. This article explains where and in what to invest money without risk in 2023. Don’t miss it, and keep reading!

Where and in what to invest without risking this 2023

Generally, the greater the profits, the greater the risk we have to take. Risk aversion varies greatly from one investor to another. Depending on your economic circumstances—what you can afford to lose—and your appetite (or stomach), you must assume a certain level of losses.

Broadly speaking, from lowest to highest risk, I present to you some investment possibilities that ordinary citizens have to invest in 2023:

Bank deposits

Very low risk. Very low profitability; in recent years, almost zero. Close to 1%.

Investment Funds

Another possibility to invest without risk in 2023 is investment funds. There are different levels of risk; a conservative one could rent around 3%. Medium risk: you hardly lose your capital, but because the profits are not insured, there could even be some loss.

Real estate market

Although the real estate market can rise or fall over time, I consider it low-medium risk since, in the long term, it usually accompanies general inflation and therefore is an interesting way to conserve capital. If we also rent it to obtain a return, it is usually around 5% per year. We have a variety to choose from: apartments in large cities, locals, or holiday rental villas. It is particularly important to evaluate the tax burdens since they differ according to the type of property and the autonomous community.

2022 was a year of interesting post-pandemic real estate opportunities. The number of restaurants and shops in general that have closed their doors has been enormous; therefore, the possibility that prices have fallen is greater than in other years.


We are still at a moderate level of risk. Actions usually also serve to preserve value since they accompany the economy, but in an atypical year, such as 2022, they can occur, and important movements have occurred, both downward and upward.

Depending on how we choose the asset and the moment, we may be able to get a good scare. In 2023, we may no longer see those abrupt movements. Still, the consequences of the pandemic can generate some big losers and other big winners as we enter a new normal that is clearly different from the previous one despite the end of the disease. Some paradigm shifts are here to stay.


Financial instruments allow you to invest in an asset without owning it’s underlying (gold, oil, stocks, indices, commodities, etc.). We are now entering a more dangerous world. In futures and options, we can lose even more capital than we deposited (if a particularly unexpected event occurs). CFDs and Forex accounts, however, are protected against losing more than what is deposited, but they are still high-risk.

In all cases, leverage means that with less capital, one can multiply profits (and losses) in the face of a market movement. They also offer the possibility of making money when the market goes down with short positions. This world requires prior training. Some online brokers provide training for free, and you can also resort to specific paid books or courses.

Automatic Trading Systems

These are algorithms that operate for us. This means that there is no need to know about technical analysis since the system is the one that makes the entry and exit decisions in the market. But it does take training to know how to choose the algorithm and be completely aware of the assumed risk, which is very high.


Nowadays, there are platforms to invest in startups or businesses in different types of collaborative ways. As far as we know, many of the businesses that start will not survive, but those who do can give a great return to their initial investors, so that it would be a risky bet. It is necessary to carefully study the platform for use and the business seeking funding.


Cryptocurrencies continue to grow. Today, Bitcoin is valued at more than $20,000, and there are again signs of a bullish market start in several currencies. The 2017 bubble and its subsequent implosion have created big winners and losers in this sector. Although this is a still-nascent industry, the potential for growth could be important despite the high risk.

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