Part time job with flexible hours

Part-time and full-time, the eternal friends and enemies of both employees and HR managers. They have different considerations and are subject to specific and different conditions. So which is better? The only thing we can answer is this: the one that best suits the immediate (and not so immediate) needs of the company. Part time job with flexible hours

This year, a campaign will assess all companies’ part-time contracts to avoid contract precariousness, which is real. One of the reasons for the implementation of the Time and Attendance Law is precisely this; to see if weekly breaks, breaks between working days and vacations are being respected in all contracts and, above all, in part-time contracts. Banner HR Software Factorial Time tracking

Do you want to go deeper into this topic and know everything about part-time contracts? Read on!

1.What is a part-time contract?
2.Implications of a part-time contract
3.Vacation and leave
4 Time control
6.Trial periods
7.Unemployment and retirement
8.Part-time and supplementary hours
9.Supplementary hours agreement
10.When does this agreement expire?
11.What happens if overtime hours are exceeded?
12.Going from part-time to full-time

What exactly is a part-time contract?

A part-time contract is a contract under which the employee works fewer hours than under a full-time contract. In other words, if the full working day in a company is eight hours (and this is dictated by the collective bargaining agreement, not only by the Workers’ Statute), a part-time contract is one whose hours are less than eight (it does not have to be literally half). This partial working day will always be within the limits of the company’s full working day. For example, if a worker works one hour less than what is established as a full working day, he/she would already be considered a part-time worker.part time job with flexible hours 

And let’s not forget that part-time work can also be split. This case is very common in the hotel and catering industry, since some hours are usually worked and then others, depending on the shifts.
Don’t leave this out when you make the contract!

When someone is recruited for fewer hours per day, the management or organization may not know what hours they will work.

It is very important that the part-time contract specifies the hours because

if it is not done, there may be a presumption that the contract is full-time. In addition, we also have to include an additional clause indicating what flexibility this contract will have. For example, if it will be a 09:00 to 12:00 schedule with rotating shifts.
Implications of having part-time workers

The rights and obligations of a part-time employee are exactly the same as those of a full-time employee, for example in terms of risk prevention, sanctions, disciplinary regime, vacations and training leave.

However, it is important to take into account other aspects that may raise doubts on the part of the company.
Vacation and leave.part time job with flexible hours 

If an employee works half of the full working day, he/she does not have half of the vacation days. This is because an employee who works eight hours, in his vacation days will have those eight hours in which he does not work,(and the rest of the day, as he has when he works).

The same goes for leave; if marriage leave is fifteen days, for part-time workers it is also fifteen days. The only difference here is that some collective bargaining agreements may prorate (i.e., equivalently reduce) the hours in some leaves, but it happens very rarely and very punctually.

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Time and attendance

The time control is also mandatory for workers with part-time contracts, and the only peculiarity of the case is that the employer, at the end of the month, has to specify the hours that this worker has done together with the receipt of the salary or payroll. In the event that this worker has done additional hours, a concept that we will see later on, the reason for these will also have to be specified.

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Bonuses Do part-time workers have the same rights in this respect? The reality is that.part time job with flexible hours 

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