Part time job with health insurance

When you work part-time at UPS, you may take advantage of a wide range of perks, including free medical coverage, paid time off, tuition assistance, and more.
It’s easy to see why so many people who start working with UPS part-time end up staying there.
Keep reading to find out why.

Part-time jobs at UPS are often a stepping stone to permanent ones, but that’s not the only draw.
Part-time work at UPS open up a world of options for our employees thanks to our market-leading compensation, benefits, and stability.

Affordable health care

Medical coverage is provided to both full-time and part-time* workers at no premium and minimal additional cost to the company. Part time job with health insurance

Employees can focus on side companies, education, and family duties with the comfort of knowledge that medical bills will be paid.

Our employees and their families may rest easy knowing they have access to high-quality medical care at a fair cost or for free at a

Rene Aranda, who hoped to be a UPS driver, suffered necrotizing pneumonia while working part-time as a package handler.
Rene’s left lung was nearly entirely removed.
His recovery would take about a year, and doctors urged him to give up his goal of becoming a UPS driver.

Nevertheless René was inspired: “One day, as I was observing the world from my hospital room, I spotted a UPS driver passing by.
The decision to push myself until my body said “enough” was made.”
After only five months, doctors gave him the green light to return to work, and a month later, an opening for a driver presented itself.

Rene, thinking back on his travels, said with UPS “As a part-time employee, I’ve put in anywhere from three to five hours a day and yet been eligible for the same health benefits as the drivers.
Fortunately, I was able to have most of my medical expenses covered by insurance thanks to my job.
That my family would not go bankrupt due to medical expenses was a tremendous blessing.”

Paid time off and a reasonable wage

UPS’s part-time wages are among the highest in the business.
After 30 days on the job, part-time workers in the United States typically earn $20 per hour, though this can rise to $23 or more in some regions.
Attendance bonuses are a common addition to hourly compensation.

UPS part-time work hours are typically the same as full-time work hours.
It is standard practice for employees to begin and end their shifts at the same time every day, ensuring a consistent 3.5 hour workday.
Part-time work schedules are notorious for being unstable and unreliable, especially in some fields and businesses.
For those who work with UPS on a part-time basis, there is never any concern about not having enough hours in a given week.

Because to their job stability and capacity to work a defined schedule, UPS employees can pursue hobbies outside of work and yet meet personal and family obligations.

Roger Campbell, a UPS Super Employee, has worked as a preloader for the company part-time for the past 25 years.
When he’s not working for UPS, Roger enjoys a variety of activities.
He has a Ph.D. in addition to two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree.
This US Army Reserve member teaches college-level swimming and ESL as “activities,” not employment.
“Serving my country in the military is a dream come true for me.
Serving my country is something I take great pride in doing.
Swimming is a life skill, and I enjoy teaching it.
Obviously, I enjoy working for UPS and I enjoy teaching my kids “His words.

Education grants

Part-timers at our company are strongly encouraged to participate in our tuition assistance programs. Part time job with health insurance
We wish to help our staff overcome financial obstacles to further education.

The majority of American workers can get up to $25,000 throughout the course of their careers from the employer in the form of tuition reimbursement and Earn & Learn grants.

Our Metro College program in Louisville, Kentucky with Kentucky is an example of our education commitment.
In exchange for working at our sorting facility, participants in this program are provided with housing, education, and other perks. Part time job with health insurance

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