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From our experience, there are thousands of jobs that can be done without leaving home, sometimes we are looking for an alternative to the usual routine work or simply want to start a new project from home to radically change the common work. And with the new times, the current crisis and other factors, the possibility of earning a living with just a computer has been greatly encouraged.Side Job From Home

Any work requires sacrifice, discipline, organization, perseverance, and desire. If you add that you are good at something related to the Internet, the more points you get.
What are the best jobs to do at home?

If you like working remotely and setting your own goals, you will like the following work from home jobs.

1. Create websites and rank them on Google

Let’s start with our favorite, it is certainly the best option if you want to earn money although not the fastest. Learning SEO is “simple” with a lot of quotation marks in between, you will need to search a lot of information on the Internet and keep up to date with the latest news from Google.

Positioning in Google or what is the same to do SEO to a website, has many ways to earn money, for example:

Advertising as Adsense or other advertising companies.
Affiliation of Amazon, aliexpress, gearbest, booking, etc.. There are trillions of affiliate websites.
Renting the website to a company. If you position it, almost always locally, you can rent it to a company in the sector. For example, locksmiths in a locality.
Buy, improve and sell, it is a common practice. Or you create it from scratch and sell it on websites such as Forobeta, foro 2.0, flippa, etc.
Create an ecommerce and sell a product. Or directly dropshipping, but always legally and without scamming anyone. Side Job From Home

You decide how you want to focus the web. Our favorites are to buy, improve and sell or buy, improve and maintain with passive income (which really require maintenance, updating content, external links, etc, we are not totally passive).

2. Writing articles or copywriting

If you like to write and you have a good spelling and grammar is the ideal job for you, and is that all websites require information, which is why they turn to writers make the content. Nowadays it is a very demanded job due to the incredible offer that there is. But be careful! value the work you do, write well and do not copy anyone.

If you don’t need to study, search for websites and magazines and send many emails asking if they need copywriters.
You can also build a Linkedin profile and say you write articles (from experience you will find work quickly).

3. Virtual assistant

Working from home as a virtual assistant can be a great option, especially if you are a person with good organization and have a certain facility to learn all management tasks, use of programs like excel, word, etc..

With a laptop, you can do it at home or elsewhere.
While more organizations are hiring virtual assistants to handle customer service on their websites or delegate chores, finding one isn’t hard.
ide Job From Home

4. Web affiliation

This is one of our favorite and most used methods. When many people think of affiliation, “Amazon Affiliates” comes to mind, but there are thousands of sites that allow you to earn money as an affiliate.

So how does affiliation work? Selling a company’s product earns you a commission.
This is a simplified explanation of affiliation, which can include app installation, cpa, sms, and others. .

It is not necessary to have a website to publish products, it can even be done through social networks. A system that we had a long time ago was to offer Amazon products on offer to earn money with a Telegram channel. Every X time an offer was published, everything was automatic and we only had to focus on getting more followers.

Another example would be through a YouTube channel, affiliates from gaming sites, merchandising, etc. There is a real underworld behind affiliation.

5. Youtuber and visual content creation

In a burned-out society where many have tried to develop channels but few have succeeded, it is increasingly harder but not impossible. In Youtube the “snowball” effect is quite noticeable, the more subscribers you have the more you get. That is why the beginnings on this platform is one of the most complicated. Side Job From Home


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