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What follows is a compilation of no-investment home-based income opportunities.

The plans have been brought into the year 2023.
You know that we only share money-making strategies that have been successfully used by others.
To succeed, you need to think outside the box. side job online 

Furthermore, if none of these suggestions appeal to you, I’d like to remind you that we already have an article where we uncovered the vast majority of ways you can make additional money online.

But before I get into my own suggestions for making extra cash, I feel obligated to warn you about some suggestions you could find on other websites.
Investing or trading in cryptocurrency is a common suggestion.
It is undeniably irresponsible to suggest such means of making money, especially given the high probability that, in the case of trading, you would ultimately lose money.

Buying cryptocurrency is still an investment.

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, do your study and understand the basics.
Crypto assets are speculative, hence fundamentals-based investment evaluation is impossible.

Technical analysis investment is a waste of time because it responds more to randomness than skill.

Create thumbnails for video makers on YouTube and other social media channels and sell them for a profit.

For some, this is no longer a side hustle but a full-time source of income, with rewards worth hundreds of euros each month.
Having a compelling thumbnail is essential if you want people to watch your movie on Youtube.
Making the thumbnail can often take as long as recording the video itself for some content providers.

Now, here is where the help of expert thumbnail creators comes in.
Some people make more than €5,000 a month making thumbnails for YouTube, costing up to €200 each.
To increase click-through rate, “developing” a good thumbnail takes knowledge of design, the user’s brain, and the competition’s thumbnails (CTR).
Some have even made it their full-time career, working for major YouTube channels.
What was intended to be a side hustle quickly became a lucrative enterprise.

In order to get started making money in this fashion, though, you will need to get in touch with smaller youtubers and offer a competitive pricing.

Make money off of Amazon by selling pre-owned goods. Making money on Amazon can be done in a variety of ways.
A wide variety of sales strategies exist as well.
One option is to trade in previously owned goods for cash by becoming a private seller.
You don’t need to be a professional vendor or business, and you won’t have to shell out money for consultants or anything like that.

Creating a higher-volume Amazon Seller Central account will be necessary as your business grows.

How can people make some extra cash with this service?

Some people buy used things on Ebay and resale them on Amazon for a profit (remember that Amazon will charge a small commission for each sale).
Some people bypass the middlemen and buy things in bulk from manufacturers, then resell them on Amazon at a premium. side job online 

Dropshipping involves creating a website to sell a third party’s products and having the manufacturer ship them.

That doesn’t help customers and isn’t as profitable as course vendors claim.

Similarly, the latest promoted route to financial success, which entails spending just 5€ on AliExpress to purchase rubbish and then selling it on Amazon for 500% profit, is not exactly a recommendation.

Selling previously owned items or acquiring goods at a discount with the intent of reselling them at full price strikes me as a moral and lawful means of augmenting one’s income and expanding one’s business.
Sign up using this link if you want to sell on Amazon as a private party.

The third is dealing in used and/or rare books.

Making money in the realm of literature is still a viable option.
A lot of money, sometimes.
Some people may have first editions of long-sold novels without appreciating their value. ide job online 

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