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Trade fills the warehouse; the stock level grows at record rates in the first half.

The evolution of the General Index of the level of merchandise stocks in Spanish commerce has been at record levels since the beginning of the year, and its rhythm is increasing, with increases of over 10% in May and June.Stock and trade

According to the General Index of the level of item stocks in retail, issued quarterly by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Spain’s retail stock has beaten its own record every month since January.

The indicator reached maximums in January, with a year-on-year rise of 4.5%, the largest increase since the beginning of the series in 2013. Purchases are made sooner to avoid supply chain delays, demand reduction, and inflation.Stock and trade

The increase in stores’ inventory fell to 6% in March before picking up speed again in April, when it expanded by 8.3%. Inventory growth hit double digits in May and June, at 11.4% and 13.4%, respectively.

Recent years have seen a range of declines of 4.9% to maximum increases of 3.8% in retail stock in Spain, with the latter figure corresponding to December 2021, when stock levels started rising at historical rhythms.

The largest worldwide fashion groups increased stock levels by 35% in the first half of the year. Early purchases reduce supply chain delays and demand reduction owing to inflation, increased costs, and customer confidence.
In September, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) moderated its pace and stood at 8.9%, more than one and a half points below the figure for August, according to the latest data published by the INE. For its part, the Industrial Price Index (Ipri) of the textile industry in August again marked another record rise of 12.6%.

Consumer confidence stood at 55.7% in the ninth month of the year, a slight increase of 0.2 points compared to the data for July, according to what was published by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). The slight increase is due to the improvement in the assessment of expectations, which climbed 6.4 points to 64.3%. However, the valuation of the current situation fell by 5.9 integers compared to the previous month, down to 47.2 points.Stock and trade

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