Weekly diet and Exercise Plan

Weekly exercise and eating plan during confinement

Boredom leads us to consume food at times and times when our body does not really need it.

Creating an exercise and eating plan during confinement can help us maintain order within our home. Planning helps not to succumb to the temptation of spending repeated afternoons in front of the computer, television or console without having a clear objective or purpose beyond hanging out. Weekly diet and Exercise Plan 

For this reason, today we bring you a weekly exercise and eating plan to follow during confinement. It is, as you can imagine, a flexible proposal that each family can adapt to their tastes, but they must not forget to include foods from the different groups on a daily basis:

  1. Milk and derivatives. (3 – 4 servings)
  2. Meat fish, shellfish, eggs and legumes. (2 – 3 servings)
  3. Cereals, bread and pasta. (5 servings)
  4. Fruits, nuts, vegetables and vegetables. (3 – 5 servings)

During the 5 daily meals:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Midmorning
  3. Meal
  4. Snack
  5. Dinner

As explained by Dr. Jaime Dalmau Serra in his Practical Nutrition and Health Manual , “Despite the importance of breakfast as the first meal, only 7% of children eat a full breakfast and only 9% eat fruit” .

On the other hand

Rremember that you must accompany this plan with different physical exercises in the form of games. The WHO concludes in one of its studies that 80% of school-age children around the world do not meet its recommendation to carry out moderate to intense physical activity for an hour or more each day.


Breakfast Meal Snack Dinner
1 Toast with chocolate and fruit (orange, banana, red fruits, etc.) Pasta salad with chicken and sautéed vegetables.

Dessert: an unsweetened yogurt.

Nuts and cranberries. Pumpkin cream. Grilled turkey with baked potatoes.

Dessert: Apple

2 Yogurt with cereals and a natural orange juice. Rice and baked fish.


Dessert: piece of fruit.

Fresh cheese sandwich. Spinach omelette with baked potatoes.

Dessert: Banana.

3 Bowl of milk with cereals. Lentils With Sausages.


Dessert: Candied pears.

Baked apple with cinnamon. Spinach cream.

Baked hake sticks.

Dessert: Grapes.

4 Toast with avocado and tomato and 1 glass of milk. Grilled salmon and avocado salad.


Dessert: a yogurt.

Fruit salad. Baked fish with vegetable stew.

Dessert: Kiwi.

5 Yogurt with cookies and a natural orange juice. Chickpea salad with fresh cheese, beef.


Dessert: Strawberries with cream.

Milk bread with cream cheese. Burger with fresh tomato and cheese.

Dessert: an unsweetened yogurt.

6 Scrambled eggs. Chicken with sautéed vegetables.


Dessert: Tangerine.

Cookies and a banana. Homemade pizza with vegetables and cheese gratin.

Dessert: Pear.

7 Yogurt with cereals and natural orange juice.


Vegetables with hard-boiled eggs and legumes (white beans, for example). Dessert: Peach in syrup. Plain cake. Wraps with beef and sautéed vegetables. Dessert: Fruit salad.


Exercise Plan or proposals to keep our children active:

Day 1

Obstacle course on all fours : Prepare a small circuit around the house with objects and furniture (toilet paper rolls, chairs, rugs, brooms…) so that your children have to surround them, jump on them or run around them.

Day 2

Volleyball at home : Take advantage of any area of ​​the house to delimit a volleyball field with an improvised net and play a family volleyball game using a balloon, trying not to touch the ground. Who will be able to keep the balloon in the air the longest? Go for it!

Day 3

Dance class or Zumba at home : Prepare an area free of furniture for a Zumba class or family dance. You can search for videos on Youtube and put them on television or use your Smartphone to monitor the class. There are many options available, but here are some users: among others. Weekly diet and Exercise Plan 

Day 4

Simon says : Explain to your child the rules of the game ‘Simon says’, but this time integrate actions that they can do at home. For example, if Simon says “dance”, all the participants in the game must dance or else they will be eliminated. You can alternate turns so that they also try to be “Simon” and extend the time and involvement during the game. If the activities you propose are linked to “exercises” or actions that involve physical activity, it will be a fun way to get the skeleton moving without making them feel like they are doing physical exercise.

day 5

The game of the mole : A member of the family is the mole and its function is to hide from the rest of the participants. If someone finds the mole, they will have to run to a point that you will have determined before starting the game and say “I have found the mole”. I escaped’. This is a variant of the popular game known as “hide and seek.”

day 6

The treasure hunt : It consists of creating a series of clues and tests to overcome in order to find the treasure. As in the obstacle course, you can use objects and furniture that you have at home to create the tests. On the craftersandmothers website you have free printables that can inspire you. The little factory also offers a free printable that you can use.

day 7

Super Mario Party : It consists of preparing a series of mini-games to create a small ‘Olympics’ where the one who scores the most points will win the gold medal or a prize of your choice. These mini-games can be: Basketball (shooting paper balls into a bucket or trash can), Soccer (getting the ball between two objects), Bowling (knocking down, for example, empty bottles with a ball), The game of hoops (use a ring or create one with cardboard to later be able to put it in a bottle or in the leftover cardboard from a roll of kitchen paper), etc. The Toads and Princesses website has a proposal for the Olympics at home that can give you ideas.

Now is the time to put into practice the weekly schedule that we have prepared and use the creativity of all the members of the family to prepare an eating plan and fun activities that fit your tastes and preferences. The goal is to play as a family, always taking care of our health and nutrition.

Remember that the activities will not only allow you to perform physical exercises but also mental or creative ones. The proposal is served, now it’s time to put it into practice! Weekly diet and Exercise Plan 

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