what mobile phone is best for the elderly

What mobile phone is best for the elderly? Simplified home screens and customisable interfaces aid those who struggle with touchscreens

Because of new security checks for online payments and the popularity of parking apps, many daily tasks now require a smartphone. This could be a nightmare for people who have trouble with touchscreens, apps, and texting, but there are some models that are easier to use that can help bridge the gap.

Manufacturers are always making changes to smartphones to make them easier to use. However, you can’t modify the UI of apps like your bank or WhatsApp, which mobile phone is ideal for the old. . So, while there is no truly simple smartphone that can do everything, here are some of the best choices.

Emporia Smart5

The Smart5
The Smart5 has a smart folio case with four physical buttons for answering calls and an emergency call button on the back.
The Emporia Smart5 is one of the best smartphones made for people over 65. Its main selling points are a simple home screen, a smart folio case with four physical buttons for answering calls, and an emergency call button on the back that rings a set of five contacts when pressed. The phone is unusual in that it comes with a printed manual that shows how to do some basic things. It also comes with an app that enlarges text and a training app that shows how to use the touchscreen by tapping and scrolling.

Other than that, the Smart5 is a pretty standard smartphone, with a 5.5-inch screen, camera, splash resistance, and full Android 10 (not the stripped-down Android Go) with access to the Google Play store and all its apps, including banking and messaging apps. It can also be bought with a charging cradle. If not, a USB-C cable is used.

When you open a third-party app, though, the app’s regular interface replaces the simplified one. It also doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor so you can’t use an app like your bank’s to log in. Emporia only promises important security updates for the first two years after you buy it. Once you stop getting updates, you should replace it to stay safe.

Apple iPhone SE 2022

The home screen
The iPhone SE with a simplified home screen.

The iPhone SE isn’t made just for older people, but you can change the settings to make it easier to use, and it has all the benefits of an Apple smartphone. The phone is small and has a 4.7-inch screen. There are a lot of third-party accessories available, what mobile phone is best for the elderly which makes it easy to find a good case.

Removing unnecessary apps and adding widgets with one-tap access to your favorite contacts helps simplify the home screen. Changing the settings to make the zoom and text size bigger will make everything on the screen look bigger. It also includes options to make the screen and text larger and adjust hearing aids for disabled users.
It can withstand one meter of water in a bath or toilet.

Once you learn how to operate the phone, you won’t have to change it for a long time, and it’s easy to fix on the high street.
The huge, tactile Touch ID fingerprint button is straightforward to use to unlock the phone and in banking and payment apps.  It only has 64GB of storage, which is enough for apps but not for a lot of videos.

Wireless charging pads and Lightning cables can charge the phone. In the box, however, there is only a USB-C cable.

Google Pixel 6a

The home screen
The Google Pixel 6a sports a simpler home screen and larger display and typography.
The Guardian/Samuel Gibbs snapped this.
The Pixel 6a from Google is a great deal and can be changed to make it easier to use.It has a good-sized 6.1-inch screen in a body that is still small enough to fit in your pocket.It can endure one meter of water, has many third-party cases, and Google or a third party can fix it.
It features 128GB of storage and a camera comparable to phones twice its price.

Text and icons can be made bigger by making the interface bigger, and this works for third-party apps as well. You can also change everything about the home screen. Remove extraneous app icons, add widgets for your favorite contacts, and make app icons large and spaced out for faster tapping.

You can move around by swiping or using on-screen buttons. A screen magnifier and huge on-screen controls are also available.
The Pixel 6a’s software is supported by Google until July 2026.

It requires a power adaptor and a USB-C cable to charge.
Fingerprint scanner.
best elderly mobile phone
It unlocks and banks apps, but it’s tougher to use than the iPhone’s large, physical home button.

Samsung Galaxy A33

Front and back views
Samsung’s Galaxy A33 has a big screen and a few ways to customize it. Photograph: Samsung
If you want a bigger screen, the Galaxy A33 has a 6.4-inch screen, but it is still small and light. These popular phones have several third-party accessories.
The A33 boasts an excellent camera, 128GB of storage, and a microSD card slot.
Modifying the Pixel 6a’s home screen limits app icon size.
Magnify to enlarge the rest of the text and interface.. Swipe or touch on-screen buttons.
Touch and hearing aid settings and magnification may also help.
Samsung maintains software for five years, therefore the A33 is safe until March 2027.No power adaptor comes with the phone, what mobile phone is best for the elderly  which charges via USB-C.
Its fingerprint scanner unlocks and banks a This is a bit trickier to use than a button. It also has face recognition, which works with the camera to unlock the phone when there is enough light.

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