What saving money tips ? Seven tips that always work

Seven saving money tips that always work

It’s hard to earn, but instead, it goes quickly if the expenses are not controlled. Many people think about how to save more and even start various strategies, but they never come to fruition due to a lack of perseverance or the tendency of our brain to prioritize short-term rewards. Little everyday routines can make a big difference in your finances.

It is indifferent if you want to save for a future big purchase, create a mattress for the unexpected, or even start investing. Most banks offer growth savings plans. t saving money tips ? Seven tips that always work

Saving is not easy. The truth is that fixed expenses, unforeseen expenses, the shopping basket, or energy supplies cause income to be reduced and financial freedom to be lost. Selecting a saving method (such as the 50-30-20 rule or the envelope method) is a first step along the way.

There are ways to make saving easier and avoid wasting money.

1. Open a savings account

Opening a different account than the current one gives users the opportunity to save. Separating a certain amount per month as soon as you receive the salary can make this task much easier.Most banks provide savings plans that grow your money, so you save and earn. The advantages don’t end there. Being liquid, money in an account can be used for unexpected expenses.

This is the case with BBVA, which offers this type of product as well as investment products. Currently, the bank offers the BBVA Savings Pack in Spain, with two accounts and the option of creating automatic rules to save without knowing it. Bank customers save an average of €110 per month with these rules. In addition, it has a range of products that allow savings and investment, such as its different deposits, aimed at all those people who want to achieve profitability for their savings in a stable and safe way.

2. Establish monthly or weekly budgets and savings goals.

Consistent contributions to savings accounts make them useful for saving. Therefore, defining monthly or weekly budgets and setting goals to be achieved is one of the best savings habits. From the BBVA app, you can achieve any savings goal you set yourself. You just have to open the goal, give it a name, choose the amount you want to save, and set the date to meet it.

3. Make weeks of savings.

Weekend spending can exceed budget. When this happens, you have to be clear about your savings goals and understand that if you want to have a fixed amount saved per month, you have to compensate. So, “saving weeks” can save a few euros.

4. Compare prices.

Compare food prices, not toilet paper prices. Nowadays, almost all supermarkets have an online store, and, except for products sold by weight, their prices are identical to those found in the physical establishment. For instance, a “trial” purchase of regular products can identify savings opportuniti What saving money tips ? Seven tips that always work

5. Buy online

Watch out! The last piece of advice can also be very useful if you decide to buy online. When you need something, you usually buy too much—a chocolate bar or a 20-euro shirt. This mode of purchase can avoid precisely this: buying things that are not a priority, since not going to the store avoids external stimuli that encourage you to spend more.

6. Take advantage of the “special prices”?

Maybe not buying unnecessary things; not everyone gets along well. But, even when you are going to continue buying, for example, clothes, there are some ways to save. Many establishments and chains are popularizing “special prices” and sales on selected garmentsThey are not “the worst,” despite appearances.
Discounts are for clothes with low or high output, not the ugliest. They are stable prices, that is, they do not go down or up
, so there is no “opportunity cost” of the sales, in which it is doubted whether to buy it now or wait a week. In addition, stores usually have a wide catalog, from pants to coats to bags or slippers. So you can go out with a new seasonal outfit for less than half.

7. Plan meals and take a “tupper” to work.

Planning your meals, shopping, and menus can save you money.
Genuine food—fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meats and fish—prepared at home can save money. Also, “micro-expenditures” can be avoided by making plans for things like breakfast, lunch, and a snack for the whole day. What saving money tips ? Seven tips that always work

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