When do flight prices rise?

Here you can see when the price of flights goes up or under what circumstances they are more expensive.

Demand is increasing

When there are more people looking to travel on a certain route, prices are more likely to rise. This is due, as you know, to the law of supply and demand.

In high season

In the summer season or during school holidays, flight prices go up. As in the previous point, this is because of the increased demand for travel.

Last-minute flights

Flight prices usually increase as the departure date approaches. This is due to the lower availability of seats in that period. And also because of the greater demand for people who want to travel little by little to the exit.

Flights to popular destinations

Flights to popular tourist destinations, such as Cancun or New York, usually have higher prices. As always, due to the high demand for people who want to visit those places.

Long-distance flights

It is obvious that long-haul flights are more expensive than short-haul flights. Airlines have higher costs of fuel, personnel and other additional expenses.

Travel class

Flight prices may also vary depending on the type of trip you choose. First-class and business class seats are more expensive than economy class seats.

The days of the week

Flight prices may be higher on some days of the week than on others.
For example, flights made on weekdays usually have lower prices. On the other hand, the price of flights may rise over the weekends.

Time of day

The price of flights may also vary depending on the time of day in which it is made.
For example, flights made very early in the morning or late at night usually have lower prices. Those operated at peak hours are more expensive.

The airlines

The price of flights varies depending on the airline you choose. Some airlines have a reputation for offering lower prices than others.
This is especially the case with low-cost airlines. So it is important to compare the prices of several airlines before making your reservation. Use the search engine to compare prices.

Exchange rate

If you are traveling to another country with a different currency, flight prices may rise or fall frequently.
All this according to the exchange rate between the currency of the country of origin and the currency of the country of destination.

Taxes and charges

Keep in mind that the final price of a flight may increase due to taxes and additional charges.
You should read the fine print before making a reservation. Make sure you are familiar with all the charges and fees that will be applied to your flight.

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