When stock market crash

PayPal collapses on the stock market due to the impact of losing Ebay as a customer and inflation.

Supply chain issues, which affect cross-border payments, also cause the corporation to make conservative 2022 estimates.

Black Wednesday for Paypal Its shares plunged on Wall Street after reporting its results and anticipating a weak forecast for the current quarter. Its titles fell more than 25% today after falling 17.92% yesterday in the aftermarket. Investors are concerned about the blow to the company’s business that the loss of eBay as a customer could take.When stock market crash

PayPal’s agreement with the e-commerce company, its former parent, has come to an end, which will affect the payment company’s transaction volume since eBay will now use its own payment platform. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said Tuesday that they expect eBay’s loss to put pressure on their $600 million revenue in the first half of 2022, Reuters reports.

But this is not the only factor that worries investors. Schulman also cited external problems including rising inflation, which reduces consumer spending, and supply chain concerns, which impact cross-border payments.According to the aforementioned agency, at least 11 analysts have dropped their share target prices, and BTIG has switched to “neutral” from “buy.”When stock market crash

In the last quarter of 2021,

Revenue climbed 13% to $6.92 billion, and net profit fell 49% to $801 million.The multinational processed 339,500 million dollars in payments, 23% more than projected. Analysts expected 345,400 million.

Its revenues climbed 18.2% to 25,371 million dollars, but its net profit declined 0.8% to 4,169 million dollars.Payments processed increased 33% to 1.25 trillion dollars.

PayPal predicts a 6% income gain in January–March, below analysts’ 11.7% prediction.Compared to analysts, he expects 4.6 to 4.75 dollars per share in 2022. Likewise, forecasts indicate that revenues will grow between 15% and 17%, while the consensus of analysts points to 17.9%. The company has also stated that it expects to add between 15 and 20 million new users, which means correcting the goal of 750 million accounts in the medium term.When stock market crash

The multinational gained 48.9 million users in 2021, 13% more than in 2020.In the fourth quarter, the business added 9.8 million new customers instead of 12.9 million.

PayPal’s CFO, John Rainey, said that in 2021, low-income consumer spending fell, client recruiting methods changed (including incentive-based campaigns), and 4.5 million incentive-seeking accounts were disqualified.Schulman nonetheless called 2021 “one of PayPal’s strongest years.””When stock market crash

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