Why motivation is important

Do you know why motivation is important?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at fulfilling their dreams and living a life with purpose? What is your “secret recipe” for success? We have the answer here, keep reading to find it. Why is motivation important? It is because it gives the impetus that leads us to act and achieve what we set out to do. It affects productivity, quality, and speed in all aspects of life.

For example: The ability to start and finish tasks with a rigorous organization is what solidifies the chances of success; but what kind of motivation is more important, the one that arises from the outside of the individual (extrinsic) or the one that arises from the inside of the individual (inthe intrinsic)? Stay with us and find out.

Motivation. In your brands, ready… Success!

We could say that this is the process that initiates, guides and maintains behaviors oriented to the achievement of objectives. It is what drives you, either to drink a glass of water that will reduce thirst or to read this Euroinnova blog, where you can acquire new knowledge.

Motivation refers to the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive elements that drive conduct.

Let’s talk and learn about job motivation

Do you know what happened to Haymerlit? Well, I’ve already told you the story, with which we can learn why motivation is important.

She was an extraordinary employee, but her salary was not the best. One day, another company proposed a better job offer and the head of human resources, upon learning, realized that it was necessary to promote her as a position, since she deserved it and did not want her to resign.

The boss promoted her, and the change of position, along with the best salary, promoted in her a work motivation that allowed her to stay with the company. So, if you are a boss or have people in charge, be like the boss of Haymerlit and encourage the will to work for employees!

Job motivation motivates employees to work efficiently, make decisions, and do a good job.

On the other hand, the role of a leader is to arouse interest in the performance of employees in their jobs and therefore, he must know the motivation process, which consists of three stages:

  • A felt need or an impulse.
  • A stimulus in which institutional leadership must be awakened in employees.
  • Satisfaction of needs, achievements or goals.

Don’t let your employees’ motivation go so! The company’s performance, income and achievements would also do so.

Motivation and its 2 types

When we ask ourselves why motivation is important, it is necessary to remember what was mentioned above, there are two driving forces: one from external forces and one from internal forces, which we will deepen now.

Intrinsic motivation

Are you motivated to do an activity because it is internally rewarding? Do you choose to do it because it is fun, pleasant, satisfying and leaves you a learning? Well, when that happens to us, we are experiencing an intrinsic motivation. Its approach comes from within and the results of the objective meet the basic psychological needs.

Extrinsic motivation

Did you get motivated to do an activity in order to get an external reward in return? If your answer is yes, we are having an extrinsic motivation. Its objective is focused on a result and does not meet basic psychological needs; rather, it involves external gains, such as money, fame, power, etc.

You already have the answer as to why motivation is important! Don’t forget that it is one of the essential aspects of human resources management. The phrase is usually applied to humans, although it can also be used to explain animal behavior.

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